Mysteries of Mastoria

Session 19 - TURN BACK : GRICK NEST!

"Whoever put up that sign is pretty smart."

Our heroes were mid-combat as of last session, and as the rest of the party found their way to either Torvak or Zoshia, four more grick emerged from the tunnel walls! The grick were slain, and the party found their way through the tiny tunnels to a larger tunnel once more. After their previous combats, the party decides to set up a hut and take a long rest. When keeping watch for the last four hours, Vanion hears odd clicking noises, but they get quieter. The party awakens rested, and moves forward.

They head down a long cave passage that turns left at the end, or there’s a room on the right beforehand. After peeking into each, they decide to head into the enormous room at the end of the passage, which was the Grick Alpha’s lair! Gricks were shredded by thorns, surprise attacks were made, heals were done, and Barty almost died at the hands (err, tentacles) of the Grick Alpha. It was a fierce combat. Once the heroes defeated the gricks, they decide to short rest (noticing however that the clicking remains), but are interrupted by the entrance of a large insectoid creature!


alexander_daise alexander_daise

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