Mysteries of Mastoria

Session 20 : Enter The Elemental Plane of Earth!

"They're miners, not minors!" "...You lost me."

Our heroes began by studying the umber hulk that had walked into the room. Barty warned the party that those that survived encounters with this beast are fabled to have not remembered a thing. With a sneak attack by Torvak combat had begun, and the hulk used its mesmerizing eyes to try and have everyone do its bidding. The heroes dispatched of the creature with Zoshia dealing the final blow with her magical short sword.
The party took a short rest, and Zoshia studied her short sword revealing it as Corellon’s Short Sword of Blessed Water. Barty spent time copying the spell “Locate Object” to his spell book, erasing the scroll. Scouting ahead after the rest, Torvak and Vanion discover Vestidio awaiting them in the portal room. A lot of discussion goes back and forth about how he arrived there, why he is there, and why he won’t come with them to the Elemental Plane of Earth. Vestidio claims it’s something they must do on their own, and asks them to bring back a robe, promising it is for the greater good. He promises to guard the portal best he can, and bring something back for Zoshia to use to help her track someone down. The party takes a long rest, with Levinia ensuring Vestidio is true to his word, and they all wake up safely. A cruel prank by Vestidio on Vanion involving a fake keyhole aside, Vanion puts the key into the portal opening, turning it and opening a swirling light brown magical portal.

Heading through, Vanion leaves a mage hand behind to flip off Vestidio. The party discovers themselves in a smaller cave in a plane of darkness, stone, and faintly glowing gemstones. Concerned about finding their way back to the portal after they’ve left, Torvak allows Barty to study one of his playing cards (a Joker) to become familiar with it so he could later cast Find Object if need be. Levinia recalls the map from her vision best she can, with Zoshia feeling confident in her geographic recollection skills to return them, and they set off on two-day journey to the fated temple where Levinia saw a man be crushed. The party feels a more intense gravity but resists the effects, and several earthquakes of varying sizes shake the world beneath them. They see an entire mountain get up and walk away. Thanks to Zoshia’s favored terrain and traveling luck the party did not meet any opposition on their first days worth of travels. They came to a large fissure and took a short rest. Levinia and Torvak began feeling sluggish from the gravity, but Barty used his transmuter stone and a spell to have them feeling themselves again. They continued their journey on the second day by going around the fissure (that seemed to drop into nothingness) and passed by an elemental mining gems on a mountainside.

This elemental had a torso, but below was swirling sands. It had an enormous maul, could burrow through rock without it moving, and fly. Zoshia wanted to talk to the elemental despite the party’s pleas to move on, but upon getting closer Zoshia found there were slaves mining that were chained together. She talked the party into trying to free them, or at least finding out what’s going on since none of the heroes are familiar with how anything works in this plane. Getting his attention, he calls out to them “Ah good! More slaves!” and flies towards the party. Combat ensued with some swipes of his maul and fist, and he has conjured an earth elemental. The party got some damage in via shatter and Torvak has freed one slave so far. To be continued…


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