Mysteries of Mastoria

Session 22 - Cursed Gems and Colossal Golems

"Can we address the elephant in the room?"

We joined our heroes in the Food Storage room with a Xorn who had just eaten the key on the table. Zoshia was able to negotiate with the creature to exchange five of her onyx gems for the key. A trade was made, and the creature burrowed away. The party checked out the statue (that Levinia recognized as a miniature version of the one that smashed the man in her vision, and that the party deduced is resembling a famous wizard) but ultimately decided to leave it be.

Exploring further, they discovered a reading room of sorts. Vanion took the carpet on the floor and draped it over an uncomfortable chair made of stone, while the party investigated the heavy metal door on one end of the room, and the paintings on another wall. Torvak discovered the paintings weren’t real, and Barty, Levinia and Torvak pushed through the wall into a hidden library, followed by the rest of the party. They found a few choice books (though no Book of Keeping or books on this plane), and after Vanion was satisfied with no hidden passages, they left (including leaving another statue on a side table in the hidden library). They explored through the metal door to an odd room with what turned out to be strawberry jam on the floor. There was also a decent sized dent in the floor. The far door did not open. The party decided to maybe come back later, when Torvak closed the door with everyone else outside, telling Levinia to open the door in 30 seconds. The ceiling began to move downward onto Torvak, but he hid in the dent in the floor, and the ceiling eventually raised back up. The door across from the party unlocked, so Torvak went out, looked around, and followed one of the hallways back to the party who were relieved to see him alive.

Heading around the bending hallways above, the party found their way to some wooden doors. Entering, they found five pedestals, each with a gem on it (Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst and Diamond). Torvak was the first to touch one, and soon enough each party member except Zoshia had a curse upon them, and Torvak had two! There was a magical shimmering physical barrier keeping them from progressing. Eventually, Vanion’s curse was guessed by Zoshia, and the doorway’s barrier changed to the color of his gem. He was able to pass through, the gem turned to coal, and his curse was lifted. The party helped each other overcome their curses (All words of less than 6 letters, shouting over others only, no pronouns, only being able to speak 3 words without pausing, and cringing upon hearing the letter F), and they were all able to progress through the barrier.

The heroes split up after this room, with Zoshia followed by Levinia discovering the enormous room from Levinia’s vision that housed the Stone Golem, Book and Robe. Vanion and Barty ventured into a nearby room that had a boulder surround by smaller rocks. The boulder had a sword jutting out. Vanion attempted to pull it out like the legends he’d once heard of, but upon doing so the boulder awakened to reveal itself as a Galeb Duhr, with the sword emerging out it’s back. Realizing the creature was defending itself, Vanion and Barty went to aid Zoshia and Levinia as their battle began. Torvak explored his own room, where he was hit by an elephant that dropped from the ceiling. Deciding this room was dangerous, he also went to join the fray. Zoshia was able to get past the golem and grab the robe. Our heroes remain locked in combat, who will win?


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