Mysteries of Mastoria

Session 23 - Talking to Rocks

Tomb of Urxis, Magic Book and Key

Our heroes were last locked in combat with the colossal Stone Golem!
Having grabbed the robe, Zoshia called for a retreat from the looming and seemingly undamaged golem. The party made it’s way out (some members slower than others) into the nearby halls. They formulated a plan for sneaking back in to get the book from the pedestal. Jorvyn used his disguise kit to disguise himself to look like Urxis, or at least the statuette whom he believed was of Urxis. He went back into the chamber and convinced the golem (that spoke Gnomish) that he had come back to life, and his job of guarding Urxis’ tomb had come to an end. He gave the golem a new mission to return with colorful gems. With that, the golem destroyed the back wall of the temple and exited into the elemental wasteland.

The party quickly acquired the book, as well as some weaponry. The key from the Xorn did not seem to open the magically locked book. Some of the party delved down the stairs the golem was previously guarding (while some stood guard), finding Urxis’ actual tomb. A boulder in the corner sprung to life just like the one with the sword in it’s back that Barty and Vanion encountered before. It spoke Terran and it was revealed that he is also guarding Urxis’ tomb, and wished for nothing to be disturbed. Jorvyn with help from Zoshia was able to convince the Galeb Duhr that Urxis was back to life and needed his staff to stop an evil necromancer who was trying to raise him for evil. The Galeb Duhr handed the staff over to Jorvyn, and then since his guard job was finished, Jorvyn also gave him a quest to collect colorful gems. The party who were standing guard watched as this creature came up the stairs and then out the same enormous hole in the wall of the temple.

Discussions were had and the heroes went off to potentially find the magical key that would open this book, as Vanion noticed it looked similar to the Book of Keeping they had seen in Shadowfel. Going back to the room with the elephant, they found it caught in a net. Zoshia freed the elephant and calmed it, directing it to stand on one of the large pressure plates by the door. That combined with Barty using gaseous form the move over all of the pressure plates and stand on the other one, seemed to open the doors about 3/4 of the way. With the help of Mezer, the doors were open, and the party found a room filled with thousands of keys. Eventually through Arcana a particular magic key was found, which opened the book. Inside it was filled with endless lists of names written in infernal.

Further discussion was had about whether to now leave the temple or to find what Zoshia’s key went to. Barty also felt a strong magical presence elsewhere in the temple. The heroes found a stone room with a stone golem (or at least the head and shoulders of one) embedded into the far wall. It kept repeating the word “TWENTY” but the group couldn’t determine what it needed. Some of the group parted off to see if there was a room behind the golem’s wall, but only found a room further down the hall, that turned out to be a small bar. Jorvyn took up barkeep and inspected the alcohols behind the bar, pouring Vanion some Djinni Firewater. Paintings of booze lined the walls, and meanwhile Zoshia was pondering the issue of “Twenty”. To be continued…


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