Mysteries of Mastoria

Session 24 - Final Exploration and the Journey to the Material Plane!

A Farewell to Urxis' Tomb

We joined Vanion, Jorvyn, Levinia and Barty as they spent time in the gnomish bar. Vanion took the available alcohol after he had some more Djinni Firewater, and Barty tried the painful Fermented Ooze. Back in the room of Twenty questions, Zoshia began to piece together that this was a game.

Jorvyn and Barty arrived to help play while the floor beneath them crumbled away. Eventually they found it was a Mimic that was the answer, and meanwhile Vanion and Levinia were on the other side of the crumbled floor. The stone golem’s mouth on the wall opened greatly to reveal a wooden door. Jorvyn went to open the door only for the door to reveal itself as a Mimic which attacked! They dispatched the Mimic and entered the Artifact room, where Urxis’ stored his most prized findings.

Within the heroes found Flamebearer’s Gauntlets, the Belt of the Fallen, a potion which was actually a very very small gelatinous ooze, a stone golem statuette and a Scroll of Teleportation. They then tracked down the door that Torvak remembered was locked and they found the Lore Room, where they collected some books, papers about the Plane of Earth, and blueprints for the temple.

Now with a map, they went back to the nice mahogany door they saw near the beginning of this trek, and found a room with a wall that was just an enormous mirror. Zoshia discovered some oddly invisible boots and gave them to Torvak who studied them to reveal them as Boots of Vampirism. They eventually discovered a hidden panel on the wall in the bar under a painting of a glass of merlot, which unlocked the door to the final room they hadn’t explored. Within was an empty opened chest, but a 10 ft by 10 ft mirror standing across the room from it. In the mirror the party saw this old man appear from out of the mirror frame and pull gold pieces from the treasure and then leave. The heroes closed the chest, which had the old man sit on it in frustration. They then opened it again and the man fell through the chest into the room with them. He seemed panicked, but resigned to answer one question for them. It was decided that they would ask “What is Mask’s true name?” He replied that as he only knows what Urxis knew, he did not know this Fiend’s true name, but he knew the knowledge they could use to find it is in the Crestguard Library’s restricted section. After answering the question, he disappeared in a poof of smoke!

They began their two and half day journey back to the portal right away, and were happy to see some footprints in the earth near the portal when they arrived. They emerged back in the material plane to see Vestidio sitting by a fire with this odd purple centipede creature having been cooked. He seemed to finishing some kind of prayer or something and was throwing the meat into the fire when he realized our heroes had returned. The slaves that had been rescued had all made it back and were sleeping on makeshift cots near a wall. The slave from Brevin talked to Barty briefly about how anxious he was to see how it’s changed after forty years gone. Despite Vestidio’s protests, Zoshia tried some of the meat and vomited blood. Vestidio told them that these creatures eat vision crystals, meanwhile Torvak remembered one of these creatures attacking him and his master at some point in the past. Our heroes rested up and studied their magical items!


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