Mysteries of Mastoria

Session 25 - Wishing Well, Rewards, and Safe Travels

"On second thought, let's not go to Barrowbeach. 'Tis a silly place."

Our heroes rested and were excited to be home in the material plane. While Vestidio tried to convince Zoshia that his spell scroll would be helpful, some of the party checked out the last section of this Bleak Peak cave, finding an old dwarven man named Dorificus. Dorificus has been guarding a wishing well here, as all wishes placed in the well he hears within this own head, and he’s sick and tired of this invasion of privacy. It turned out he was cursed by a hag, and always wanted to be a performer. The group helped lead him out of the tunnels, after curing him of his curse, and discussing the ramifications of using this wishing well’s power for good. Vanion got to hear his life story on their way out as to make a bardic story to tell.

They were welcomed back in Stonethrower’s cave. He was happy to hear that the Gricks were eradicated, and informed the party he had taken care of their horses. He gave a Wolf statue to Zoshia, and presented Barty with a likeness of himself. Barty bid adieu to the giant and the Torvak marked outside the cave for bandits to beware! They headed out, and the party decided it best to avoid Barrowbeach, much to the happiness of the freed slaves who remember it being a terrible place. After approximately six days of travel, they arrive at the southern gate of Crestguard once more.

The party’s horses were kept with the stable-hand Mercy, as Levinia took the slaves and Dorificus to the nearby Temple of Lathander to be taken care of. Levinia gave the man there 100 gold pieces to take care of these people, a generous offering. Upon exiting the temple, Levinia was visited by a large golden-flamed stag creature, which brushed against her/him and she/he heard a familiar voice say “You are on the right path…”. And as soon as this creature had appeared, it took off into the sky once more.

As Levinia dealt with those who stared, Vanion visited City Hall as he was worried about what had happened to Valerie. To his surprise she was working at her desk, but he didn’t seem convinced there wasn’t something odd going on as she didn’t recall being knocked out or kidnapped or anything. He decided he would return later.

Barty head to the Crestguard University Library where he met with Elizar the Sage. Elizar took him to his office, and they discussed this “Book of Fiends”. Elizar suggested Barty aide him in searching the restricted section to hopefully find some history on this being in particular to help narrow down the names.

Jorvyn took himself to the center of town where he knew the job board was, to see if he could find any new postings about Gragg’s restaurant. He discovered it hasn’t opened yet, but the posting listed it would be in the Market District, so he tracked it down to a vacant lot near Alista Lockhaven’s Bubbling Cauldron. A goblin was being bullied and kicked by two thugs. Jorvyn had re-disguised himself as Torvak, and talked the goons off of bullying him, and they went on their way. Jorvyn helped the goblin up and found out these goblins are getting help from Corbesont (the apprentice map-maker) in drawing up restaurant specs. Gragg is gone on clan business but will be returning in the next few days. They’ve been facing a lot of discrimination, especially from a “Culinary Council.”

Meanwhile, Zoshia took Mezer out of the city and returned to where her wolf pack once lived in the Marshwood Forest. There she calmly left the wolf statue. She found the six-legged cats footprints and tracked them leading back into the Western Crestguard gate. She headed to the center of town, by city hall as the sun was finishing setting.


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