Mysteries of Mastoria

Session 4 - Raster's Wrap Up

Do Automatons Dream of Electric Elementals?

We joined our heroes as they explored Raster’s kitchen. Zoshia and Levinia scouted the next room, The Generator Room. Inside they found an enormous machine containing another glass sphere with a lightning elemental inside. They whispered with their companions about to what to do, and Zoshia removed the sphere from the generator, knocking out power to the mansion. Luckily, the lightning elemental emitted quite a bit of light, so they used it as a torch to lead their way through the dark mansion (as night had fallen during their earlier rest).

When the party passed back through the bathroom on their way to the original spherical hole in the wall, Zoshia saw a glint of something in the sink. Removing the pipe below the sink, she found a golden ring, giving it to Barty. Barty suspected the ring was magical, and put it on, with no immediate effect. Zoshia named this elemental Buzz, and told him that if he powered the door for them, she would free him afterwards. She placed the sphere into the wall, and the door opened, revealing a long hallway with a red velvet carpet, and more barred windows. Sidetables with drawers, and the end of the room, now illuminated by Barty’s dancing lights, was a large stone face in the door.

Awakening upon inspection, the large stone face (without eyes) began questioning the party to see if they were in fact Professor Raster, as only Raster is allowed beyond the door into his labs. Proving themselves quite witty, with Vanion’s bardic knowledge, and having Raster’s latest unfinished book, they fooled the door, which opened to the Lab Prep Room. The heroes found a key hanging on the wall, and Barty inspected what he found out was Raster’s logbook for the lab. He discovered the Professor hadn’t logged time in his lab for about a week, which was odd considering his multiple daily trips beforehand.

They pressed on into the next room, where they discovered blueprints for all of the mechanisms in the Professor’s mansion. Barty discovered notes on the automatons’ blueprints that indicate a weakness to electricity, too much current would overload them. Reference books were strewn about, but nothing magical to Barty’s dismay. In the next room, The Chemical Lab, the party found a storage closet. Zoshia discovered some scientific substances inside as well as two more spheres containing lightning elementals. Upon chatting with them, she discovered that Professor Raster had found a way to catch 10 lightning elementals, though the elemental was sure some of his kind were killed in experiments. Barty found a crimson pulsing potion. The party noticed what seemed to be an observation window that had been boarded up by something on the other side of the window.

Torvak suggests that the key they found might be for the locked hidden door in the dining room he was unable to pick. The party traveled back there with their new 2 lightning elemental spheres, and they unlocked the door to Raster’s Panic Room. The party searched every nook and cranny of this room. Levinia directed Zoshia to the arrows in the weapon rack while she looked over the shortswords. Barty found a Scroll of Identify and a Scroll of Comprehend Languages on display in one of the cabinets. In another cabinet, Vanion found a potion of healing. Zoshia then searched underneath the bed, and found a small jewelry box containing some gems. Barty and Vanion searched the dressers, finding Raster’s clothes, which Torvak took some of, and a pile of apparently glowing clothing. In Barty’s dig to find the glowing clothing, he uncovered a glass sphere with a lighting elemental in it buried beneath the clothes. Barty decided to use his Scroll of Identify to identify his ring as Ring of Swimming. With Buzz, Buzz Jr, Buzz the 3rd, and Buzz the 4th, the party navigated back to the door that had 4 spherical slots next to it, in the Chem Lab.

Preparing for a potential battle, Barty fortified himself with Mage Armor, and gave Levinia a +1 magical blade for a short time. Placing the last of the spheres in, the door opened, revealing Raster in a cage in the corner guarded by two clockwork automatons. With his back facing the party, an enormous taskmaster was working on something out of sight. Above him, another taskmaster appeared to be in mid-assembly. Turning to see who/what had opened the Main Lab door, he saw multiple Professor Raster’s! Torvak had disguised himself using the Professor’s clothing, as well as Barty, glancing at Raster in the corner, cast disguise self on himself. Shaking off his initial confusion, he realized if one of them is the real Professor, he might as well capture them all, and combat began.

Arrows and fireballs flew, automatons were shattered, blades were deflected and armor was struck through. The Rogue Clockwork Taskmaster (RCT) revealed his extra two arms, and attacked Levinia and Zoshia relentlessly. Through Vanion’s healing, Levinia did not fall. The party attempted to throw one of the lightning elemental spheres at RCT, dealing a decent amount of damage to him. The party took many opportunity attacks against the Lightning Elemental who appeared to be retreating, though he had wanted to release his brothers. Even with RCT’s steam vents adding additional damage, the party prevailed, ending the battle as Levinia struck RCT in twain. He turned to dust, and the party turned their attention to Torvak attempting to pick the lock on Professor Raster’s cage. Zoshia told the elementals they could be free to go, and they left the mansion willingly. The party, with Raster still behind bars, interrogated him about what went on. Thanks to Vanion’s zone of truth, the Professor revealed he had begun building the automatons to have servants for the mansion. He believed these constructs would be the future helpers of the world. However, one of his Taskmaster’s had gone rogue after learning rather quickly that he didn’t like this live of essential slavery, and locked up the Professor. RCT was planning on building an automaton army to attack and take over a district in Crestguard so the automatons would have a place to be free. The party, satisfied, released Professor Raster in Rodrigo’s custody, with the Professor agreeing he must pay for what has occurred.

The party rested up and traveled back to Crestguard, with Rodrigo telling the party they should collect their reward from the Mayor himself in city hall. Rodrigo took Professor Raster to the dungeons, as the party retrieved the job posting from the job board, and headed off to city hall.


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