Bartholomew Vendalt

Carpenter / New Wizard / Grandfather


Bartholomew Vendalt was a simple carpenter. He made chairs and tables in the family business, had three kids, and then retired from carpentry at the age of 60, for his hands just couldn’t hold tools steady anymore. As time passed his children and grandkids began to whisper that old Barty was growing senile, talking to himself and wandering aimlessly. But what they didn’t realize is that Bartholomew was practicing spells, for after reading a two page pamphlet on magic one rainy sunday, Barty decided that he was destined pursue a noble career in the arcane arts.

Bartholomew applied to every magical academy he could find, but they all rejected him. He approached famous wizards, then less than famous wizards, and finally street magicians, but none would take him as an apprentice, instead laughing and saying he was told old to start learning.

Undaunted, Barty began reading every book on magic he could find. He’d practice every hour of every day, muttering incantations over breakfast and attempting enchantments in the outhouse. His mind was constantly lost in thought over the latest book he was reading, and he began to become infamous for absent mindedly wandering off, unaware of his surroundings.

Now at the age of 65, Barty’s magic is beginning to work, and he feels he has outgrown these small town libraries and book carts. His grandkids will surely try to dissuade him, but what they don’t know won’t hurt them. Barty can feel the call of adventure, and who knows where his quest for knowledge will take him!

Bartholomew Vendalt

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