Lady Levinia of the House of Gotthard

Astrayan Noblewoman turned Warrior, thanks to possession by Caiaphas.



Born into the noble house of Gotthard in fair Astrayer, Levinia lived a life similar to any other noblewoman of the day. There were lessons in court etiquette, codes of chivalry, and courtly love. There were meals to prepare, and other noblewomen to attend to. Eventually, there would be a marriage arrangement with another noble house for political and economical purposes. Thus was the life of a noblewoman in Astrayer, and thus would be Levinia’s life, were it not for one fateful evening.

For you see, as it was with many noble houses, there would always be those who’s ambitions burned brightly, threatening to engulf anything, and anyone, that dared cross their path, heedless of whatever laws, codes, and ethics were established. And in fair Astrayer, no one’s ambition burned brighter that the House of Bravarti.

On that fateful night, the Gotthards would find themselves set ablaze by the Bravarti’s ruthless pursuit of power and privilege. Framed for crimes against the Astrayan government, the Gotthards were set upon by Royal Guard as tempers reached a boiling point. The resulting skirmish would see some Gotthards dead, and the survivors in chains.

In the chaos, Levinia eventually found herself beset by armed guards on all sides. In an act of desperation, she prayed to anyone who would listen, hoping against hope for a miracle that would save her from the gallows or the grave.

When next she opened her eyes, she was horrified at the sight which she beheld. Covered in all manner of filth and slime, surrounded by strangers and beasts alike, and mysteriously clad in the accoutrements of combat, she could not help but scream. Eventually, she would come to find out that her prayers had indeed been answered, but not in any way that she would have expected.

She learned that her body had become the host of a legendary warrior known as Caiaphas, who himself was fast along the path of spiritual redemption. A fatal blow had cast out the gladiator from her body. However, the skills and physical conditioning that would define Caiaphas as a legend in Mastoria had mysteriously been imparted to Levinia at the moment of his departure. Now, armed with these gifts, and having joined up with a heroic band of adventurers, Levinia’s life has taken on new purpose. Together, they stand between the safety and sanctity of Mastoria, and those who would do her harm.

And woe be to the House of Bravarti. For if their ambitions are as the inferno that swallows everything in flame, then may Levinia be the raging waters of retribution that reduce such wicked flames into ash…

It is known that the Caiaphas in question was born 100 years ago from the campaign’s present time. He was a warrior and gladiator, who’s martial prowess and physical feats were nothing short of incredible. He craved the thrill of combat, the glory of victory, and the roar of the crowd. There was no quest he would turn away from, no challenge he would not accept…so long as there was plenty of wealth and prestige to be gained.
Alas, even the mightiest heroes cannot overcome the ravages of time.
Now elderly and near death, Caiaphas lamented his fate. There were countless battles yet to be fought, and even greater glories to attain. And it pained him to know that he was no longer the champion that would face these trials. Instead, his mortal body would breathe its last, and his spirit would wander for eternity, eventually forgotten by the world at large.

That was when the Warrior Gods came to Caiaphas, and made him an offer he could not refuse. In exchange for his loyalty and service, his spirit would gain the ability to inhabit the body of another. Caiaphas gleefully took them up on their offer, not once pausing to consider what it would entail.

Although Caiaphas was known for his heroic deeds, he was also infamous for his prideful, arrogant demeanor and hubris. And while he has no recollection of such, was also a tad blasphemous in his regard to the Warrior Gods. Naturally, they weren’t too appreciative of this, and sought to teach Caiaphas a lesson, as it were.

Thus, Caiaphas returned. But not in the manner he expected.

He was now bound into the body of a 21 year old noblewoman named Levinia Gotthard, of the notorious House Gotthard. He awoke into his new existence at the exact moment that law enforcement conducted a full scale raid upon the family. Beset by assailants on all sides, and with no time to fully grasp what had become of him, he fought them off and escaped from the manor. Only after he had a chance to catch his breath did he begin to realize what the Gods had done.

Furious at their ‘betrayal’, he made his displeasure known. The Gods laughed it off, however, and considered it ample recompense for his disrespect of not only them, but of others, and even himself.

Now, forced to adapt to a new existence, and unknowingly being hunted by those the Gotthards have wronged, it is the hope of the Gods that Caiaphas will come to learn humility, and the value of life beyond fortune and glory.

Maybe then, they’ll let him into their own little ‘Valhalla’.

Lady Levinia of the House of Gotthard

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