A shifter stone-sorcerer from the Elemental Plane of Earth.


His mother was a slave to a Dao in the earth plane. She escaped from her master meeting a denizen of the plane, His father. He helped her escape into the material plane and together they had Torsten. Unknown to Torsten his mother was a Werewolf and thus a very valuable slave, because of this her escape was one of her masters biggest priorities. Sometime after, an attack was made against Torsten and his family. The men called out, seemingly looking for his mother and held a very young Torsten and his father hostage with knives to their throats. During the attack a beast killed many of the slavers, but unfortunately his father was murdered. While the beast caused chaos, an assailant made an escape…and Torsten followed. He followed him back to a portal to the earth plane, but unexpectedly the portal to the earth plane close and he was trapped there. Powerless to do anything and now lost in the earth plane a man named Beneth gave Torsten a place to live, food and training. During this time he found out his mother was a slave to a Dao and when the time was right, he went to exact his revenge only to find that the slaver had been killed by a group of adventurers, and the slaves were gone. Infuriated by this he followed the group back to the Material Plane, using a key he found at the slavers’ compound. With his father dead, mother missing and the only goal he had taken from him, Torsten made a new goal for himself…find this group and kill them for stealing his vengeance.
He followed the group all the way up Dystomos to Crestguard. He managed to track them with the help of town guards to the Dire Bear Retreat…



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