A shifter stone-sorcerer from the Elemental Plane of Earth.


His father, denizen of the Earth Plane, ventured out to the Material Plane and met a young woman, and together they had Torsten. Some slavers held his father and Torsten at knife-point with his lackeys. His father was murdered, and Torsten chased after the assailant who did the killing, a Dao, into the Elemental Plane of Earth. He was trapped there, and was very young and unable to exact his revenge. So he waited and grew stronger. He found out his mother was a slave to this Dao. When the time was right, he went to exact his revenge only to find that the slaver had been killed by a group of adventurers, and the slaves were gone. Infuriated by this he followed the group back to the Material Plane, using a key he found at the slavers’ compound. He was tracking them with the aim to kill those who stole his vengeance.

He followed the group all the way up Dystomos to Crestguard. He managed to track them with the help of town guards to the Dire Bear Retreat…



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