Vanion "Oathbreaker" Othmont

Former soldier turned pacifist, resentful of his former king.


Vanion Othmont
Older Brother is Tassarion Othmont.
Younger Brother is Rhys Othmont.
Younger Sister is Valindra Othmont.
Father is Rhothomir Othmont.
Uncle is Onvyr Othmont.
Aunt is Merethyll Silveroak, she married out of the Othmont family.

Vanion Othmont was a soldier in a distant country known as Volkarsis. His home city of Dracaena was once viewed as a magnificent city delicately carved and lovingly sculpted into the tree of life by elves and druids, has since become a slum within the hollowed husk of a massive tree. This was due largely to the influence of the Poison Branch, an elite group of Elven mercenaries, and their corrupted Elven king, who most would rather forget. When the king took power, most of the citizens had no choice but to follow him. And Vanion fell in line.

He joined the army of the Poison Branch, and before long, the king went to war with the rest of Volkarsis. Vanion proved an effective leader, and though he did not fully agree with the cause, he accepted promotions. The army took care of him and his family. He was a part of a few sieges, and captured many towns. He lead the bombing of Duvik’s Pass. He was promoted to General after that.

He rode in the Vanguard during the battle for Rannorton. He decided not to build siege weapons or flank the town, but that would prove to be his downfall. The town of Rannorton was being defended by the Dwarves from Fort Copperbolt. They had such weapons that would make even a dragon quiver in fear. The explosions sent Vanion flying into the lake.

He awoke on a nearby shore some time later. He made his way back to the town to find his army mostly dead or captured. The emotional burden of losing all those lives was too much, and he voluntarily surrendered himself for capture. After the battle of Sovereign led to the downfall of the Elven King, he was released under the treaty. He was given a brand of a leaf on the back of his neck to mark his involvement in the deaths of so many, and he set his sword down for good.

Since then, he has turned his attention toward music and vices. Anything to drown out the painful memories of that time. He spent much time at the Bard’s college of lore learning how to play different instruments and how to heal those who were hurt innocently. He takes no pity on the aggressors of a fight, and will not aid in a fight he feels is not justified.

After getting his education from the college, he began to wander. From town to town, and tavern to tavern. He always earned his keep through tips for his music, and would occasionally assist and heal those who have been hurt through no fault of their own. After a long night of hedonism, he likes to meditate under the stars and reflect on the good he has done, the happiness he has brought. But he could never escape his nightmares for long.

He left Volkarsis, hoping this movement would help get it all out of his head. He found himself far from home, on the continent known as Dystomos. Helpful strangers pointed him in the direction of Crestguard, a city where he might find some drink, some work, or even some peace of mind.

Goblin Heist———
He arrived at the The Pompous Potter in the afternoon. It was run down, but in a charming sort of way. He performed for the small crowd that came out for early enjoyment. He made some friends, got some tips for his music and showmanship, and began to drink. Later in that evening, a strange old man wandered in, babbling about his kids and magic. He introduced himself to Vanion as Bartholomew Vendalt. Vanion was amused with this man, but decided to begin to play more music for the patrons.

A few other strangers wandered in and began to chat with each other. While he was playing, and throwing some of his show magic about, the wall of the tavern was blown wide open! Some goblins and a creature named Grax walked through the hole with bags full of gold! Vanion considered this to be one of his best shows, with effects so good that even he forgot about them. The creatures made for the door, fighting through the strangers.

An arrow caught Vanion in the arm, and he snapped back to reality. He showed his healing prowess, and inspired his fellow tavern-goers. At the request of the barkeep, Vanion retrieved a bomb that was undetonated, pulled the fuse out, and left the bomb in the care of Bartholomew Vendalt. One of the strangers fell in the fight, a young woman who was caught in the initial blast. Vanion asked a strong looking woman to help him get her to the temple to heal her. The woman agreed reluctantly, and carried the unconscious woman to the multi denominational church nearby.

They asked for 50 gold to revive the woman. Vanion had none, and the strong woman was reluctant to make the ‘donation’. She ended up handing over 20 gold instead. When the unconscious woman was revived, she thanked Vanion and the other woman, introducing herself as Zoshia Levlaia. The strong woman introduced herself as Lady Levinia Gotthard.

Bartholomew Vendalt showed up a short time later , proudly wielding his new ‘arcane artifact’, and a shady gnome met them shortly after that. He told the group of goblins, were headed which way, but they decided it best to take a long rest before pursuing their prey.

Mansion Mayhem———
Vanion met up with his new friends, and they decided to go after the goblins that had so wronged them the day before. They began to follow the path they thought the little wretchlings took, before getting distracted by the job board. The job listings indicated that the goblin undertaking was not to be attempted by anyone who was not an experienced adventurer.

Deviating from their original task, they decided to gain some experience in adventuring. The jobs listed for the inexperienced included a job involving werewolves, and investigating the disappearance of Professor Raster and two city guards, believed to be in the Professor’s mansion. The group decided unanimously to investigate the mansion.

The mansion was located only a short way outside of Crestguard, and the group found themselves face to face with a locked gate. Vanion suggested they turn back, but the group was not deterred. The broke the chain and walked up the long pathway to the door of the house. They knocked. Nothing. They knocked again, louder. Nothing. Vanion broke into an epic drum solo, while Zoshia located a doorbell, but there was no answer.

Vanion, still feeling guilty of breaking and entering, suggested leaving, but the group made its way inside the unlocked door. He was uneasy about breaking and entering, but the thought of leaving his new friends behind to suffer some terrible fate was even worse, so he followed them inside, playing lightly on his lute.

His party members were already investigating some debris in the foyer. Feeling slightly emboldened, Vanion took a look in one of the adjacent rooms. He saw a harp, and instantly decided he needed to try it. He passed by a wall full of paintings that he seemed not to notice, and began to play. It was a terrible performance, but he found himself lost in the music. He summoned a spectral hand to perform a duet with him on the nearby piano.

A few minutes later, he noticed the rest of his group trying to straighten the paintings in the room when Levinia noticed one of the paintings had a safe behind it, and it had mysteriously opened.The group quickly set about looting the safe of its strange contents. Vanion objected to theft, but the group convinced him to ignore it.

They moved into another room where they were met with a strange smell. The smell of fetid flesh with a slight metallic odor. Barty pointed out the guard impaled on the spike trap on the ceiling, and Vanion began to heave. He never came to terms with the sight of so much humanoid gore. The group moved along past this room. Vanion decided to test himself against the gore, but couldn’t take it. He wanted to get some air and was thankful for the opportunity presented by a garden just past the next room.

The door was locked, however. A keypad with an odd assortment of letters seemed to be attached to the lock. Vanion and Barty tried to brute force the door by attempting to try combinations until all of the lights lit up, but they opted to see if they could find the password anywhere.

Read A Book———
-—- Raster’s Wrap Up———
-—- Meet the Mayor———

Vanion "Oathbreaker" Othmont

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