Mysteries of Mastoria

Session 11 - The Underground Portal
"Giga Drill Breaker!"

We joined our heroes as they kicked their clever plan into motion. To their dismay, the area around the central hole in the crevice was completely abandoned. Turning up the drama to include shouting, a drunken guard came out of a nearby tavern to check in on the commotion. Barty and Vanion who were disguised as guards, told him that “he was a rookie and should stay back”, “they would handle this”. Finding out that the woman he saw was Levinia of the Gotthard family, he rushed back to the pub to get more of his fellow guardsmen.

No more than 30 seconds later, four guardsmen emerged. Two of them were holding concerned citizen onlookers back as the drunken guard and another sober guard approached the crevice. The sober guard began rushing at Levinia, but before he reached any of them they all fell into the pit screaming on the way down (Zoshia as an assassin present to kill Levinia, and Torvak and Sly as townsfolk caught in the crossfire and taken hostage). On the way down, Barty was able to succesfully cast Feather Fall, allowing them to sail down at a safe rate and land softly on a metallic surface far below.

It was very dark being as far down as they were, and they realized they were standing on an enormous drilling machine. Torvak picked his way inside a hatch he found on the top. It was dark inside, but those with darkvision had no trouble finding some kind of control panel in the empty compartment. After attempts to fit daggers, arrows, and lockpicking tools into a key slot, Barty cast shatter upon the console, blasting a hole in it with sparks flying everywhere. Zoshia reached inside with a dagger and cut all the wires, killing all the blinking lights within.

From there the party opted to head into the cavernous opening that led to an enormous antechamber with stone flooring. Enormous tapestries hung from the walls with shadowy creatures depicted upon them. A dark doorway presented itself at the far end of the chamber. Even magical light seemed unable to light it, so the party pressed through, finding another light source thirty feet through the magical darkness. They came out in a chamber built around a stone portal with swirling purple light within, and stone bowls filled with fire lighting the room. A plaque on the wall warned to everyone of the dangers inside. First one hand was sent through the portal, then Torvak with a rope around his waist. He came back and told the party of what he saw, and they pressed on bravely, deciding to investigate why someone had drilled down here.

The party found themselves on a ragged chilly mountaintop next to a large stone tower. The skies were constantly storming and there was naught but fog below. Surrounded by trees reaching towards them, Barty found out the hard way that there was danger here. Opening the door outward the party entered the tower. The lobby room before them was entirely upside-down, with furniture hanging from the ceiling! Sly summoned a chill couch and with the help of strong-armed Levinia they got it over to one of the fifteen foot climbs to a doorway and made their way up one by one. Hopping down into the room they heard hissing and primal screams coming from below them. There was a hatch on the floor Zoshia had noticed, but try as they might to open it it seemed to be locked by some kind of powerful magic. Sly and Barty were unable to discern what was needed, but they knew it was magical indeed.

Making their way into the next room they found checkered tile, a large round table surrounded by eight chairs, and stairs leading upward. They took the table over to the fifteen foot climb to the doorway to confirm it was the first room they had come in through. Levinia found a chest underneath the stairwell, that was locked. Picked open by Torvak, they found within it a crystal ball, that Barty determined had magical properties. The crystal ball did not seem to effect the floor hatch, so the party pressed on upwards.

The heroes found themselves in a torture room filled with all kinds of horrible equipment. As they stepped out, twenty crawling severed hands came out from underneath the equipment to fight them! The party quickly dispatched of the claws with needles, fire, and some firm slashes. Moving to the next room, they discovered this was quite the odd place it was an observation room for the torture going on, and there were one way windows into the previous room, as well as seating arrangements. A locked chest was found that was picked and contained 100 gold pieces, and 20 silver pieces. The party pressed on ever upward.

Coming out into another observation type room, a window was found that looks into what might have once been a zoo, filled with terrariums, now mostly destroyed. Two tall stone statues of snakelike creatures stood next to the doorway to the zoo area. There was also a plaque on the wall that read “Poison can take you in, and poison can take you out”. Barty investigated the statues and found bowl-like receptables in their tongues. Zoshia filled them with drops of poison, and the door clicked open quietly. Zoshia cast “Pass Without Trace”, and the group managed to sneak through the zoo room while keeping an eye on the ceiling, as they had heard a hissing noise. They climbed up the staircase to the next floor quietly… To Be Continued…

Session 10 - Welcome to Astryer
"I Love It When A Plan Comes Together"

We joined our heroes as they looted the fallen bodies of the Obsidias Thorne gang. Levinia obtained a note to Obsidias from a mysterious L. R. telling that Levinia would be heading North of Crestguard. After some deliberation, Zoshia held onto the note. Picking up where they left off, the heroes resumed their almost full night of sleep, with Torvak now keeping watch (thanks to his sleeping through the battle).

Come morning, they began their trek Northward towards Astryer. Bartholomew cast a spell on Zoshia to reduce her weight by half, and she rode on Levinia’s back, getting more rest as she had been the first of the nights’ watch. Sly mentioned the apparent recent lack of earthquakes. After about five hours of traveling, the party emerged from forested areas and over a hill to get a clear view of the city in the distance.

Vanion had been here before, though he was very blacked out drunk. Levinia being from here immediately noticed the enormous crack through the ground, carving through the center of the city as buildings slowly crumbled inward. They rushed towards town to find guards scrambling about evacuating citizens. The party asked Levinia about locations in the city, while as they were walking by a house they heard trapped citizens inside. They decided to aid the guardsmen is rescuing a couple trapped in their nearly completely collapsed home. Barty shrank Zoshia to half her size, and she slipped inside to give spears to the couple, and they began moving some rocks out of the way. Barty enlarged Levinia, who held up the roof as the guardsmen and Sly moved the boulders on the other side. Eventually a pathway was cleared, and everyone made it out okay. Levinia allowed the house to collapse after it was safe. As the party discussed a place to feed these hungry people, some guards escorted them away. A very helpful and friendly guard informed them that he’d never heard of “The Glory Hole” but that “The Bronze Rabbit” was down the street as far as pub/inns go. He also inquired about Levinia, and if her last name was Gotthard. It was revealed that the guards believe the Gotthard family was caught embezzling government money, and were therefore under arrest, but during the raid/capture their daughter had escaped. He told them they could find wanted posters for her at the prison. The party also informed him of the murderous Obsidias Thorne and gang and he went to go make some new wanted posters.

The party split, with Zoshia and Torvak heading to the prison where apparently the Gotthard family was being held. The remaining party members went to the Bronze Rabbit, finding it filled to the brim with folks who most likely lost their homes and need a drink or a place to stay. Sly summoned a couch, Vanion bought some drinks, and they sat to discuss. Meanwhile at the prison, Zoshia and Torvak meet with the guard down at the sub-entrance who asks for their weapons before they can meet with prisoners. He also handed over some Levinia wanted posters complete with nice portrait. They now see that this portrait is of their Levinia after all. As Torvak introduced himself to the guard, he heard a familiar voice say “Torvak, no shit!” from down the hall. As they went down to where the Gotthards were being held, Torvak recognized Vestidio Garand, his rogue mentor, in a prison cell. He was a lanky, pale, gray-haired human with black raggy clothing. Torvak merely passed him by, getting a smug “heh” from Vestidio as he was “ignored”. They went to see the Gotthards, running into an older couple (the mother and father), and their son, a young man.

An in depth conversation was had where the young man revealed to Zoshia and Torvak that the Bravarti family was in fact the one they had caught embezzling money, though they didn’t know what they were doing with it. The Bravarti family somehow found out and preemptively informed the guards that it was the Gotthards. Levinia had escaped during their capture. Zoshia and Torvak also discovered that Levinia was never really a capable fighter according to her brother, and they’ve been in jail here for weeks. The young man was very worried that Levinia was back in town, he had hoped she could prove their innocence somehow. Zoshia left unhappy with this new information. On the way out, Torvak stopped to chat with Vestidio. Vestidio refused to reveal why he was there, telling a confusing tale that he both wanted to be there and planned to escape. Torvak asked him about his issue with losing hours at a time, and Vestidio did not have an answer for him. Zoshia offered the sleazy man some eyeglasses, which he gracefully accepted and put on. Torvak (who was being called Jorvyn this whole conversation by Vestidio, which Zoshia did not notice) knew that that would probably be enough for him to escape, so he left the prison after.

The prison group came back to the Bronze Rabbit and met up with the others. Torvak tried to get a private room to talk but they were all booked up thanks to the evacuation. They relocated to a nearby alley to discuss the new information they’d learned. Zoshia confronted Levinia, feeling offended with lies, and Levinia (filled with many emotions) revealed that she was in fact Caiaphus, reincarnated into a young woman’s body. Barty had heard tales of Caiaphus before, and Vanion knew a song of “Caiaphus and the Labyrinth”. He was a mighty man capable of mighty deeds, and he was known far and wide. Eventually in his old age, he asked the gods for another shot at fame and glory. They cursed his arrogance, sending him into Levinia’s body at the moment of the raid on the Gotthard home. Levinia slaughtered ten guards and made an escape.

So many problems laid before the party; The Gotthard’s innocence, Sly’s Great Uncle, Keeping Levinia from capture, Vestidio’s encroaching escape, and the crevice caused by the drill!
Barty formulated a plan with help from the rest of the party. They would disguise two of them as guards (Barty and Vanion) who would be arresting Levinia near the center of the town at the crevices’ deepest point. Zoshia would pick up Mezer, Levinia would take a hostage (Torvak), and they would all fall into the pit in a struggle (appearing to kill them all). This would hopefully cause the guards to believe Levinia is dead. Meanwhile however, Barty will cast feather fall in order for them to make it safely to the bottom.

Session 9 - On The Sly
The Curtain Slowly Opens

Our heroes entered city hall, meeting Valerie at the front desk. She informed them that Ellion is meeting with some folks but he told her to send the heroes in as soon as they returned. She gestured to his office, and upon entering they were met with four large armor-clad figures talking to Ellion at his desk, oblivious to their entrance. Vanion played a song that snapped them out of their conversation. Ellion welcomed the party back and inquired about the goblin hideout. Happy to hear there won’t be any more bank heists, his happiness was quickly wiped away after hearing about a powerful hooded sorcerer that was stealing money to fund a large drill.

He told the party of the reason he needed them back so quickly : There were multiple reports of earthquakes and subsequent damages. Ellion thinks their might be more than one drill, and he wants his Crestguard Knights (whom he introduced) to check out the location the heroes do not go to. The Capital City of Astryer to the north has suffered massive damages, he believes one drill is there. The other drill is believed to be deep in the Marshwood Forest, Zoshia’s previous home. A lake there has apparently been drained of water somehow, and Ellion thinks the drill is to blame. He introduces his son, Sylvester to the group. Ellion boasts of Sly’s magical ability, and the magical unique spellbook that he got from his great uncle. He’s actually looking for him to thank him for this Opyt’s Book of Spells. He’s also keep his eyes open as he and Ellion are worried that his mother went missing for real this time. Ellion asks for Sly to accompany the group.

The party stops at a few shops around town before heading out (being sure to collect their gold from Valerie for the goblin job). Zoshia gets her golden sword and golden tipped arrows, Vanion asked Bepin to look after his golden dragon scale, and Barty summoned a crab familiar. Vanion put some wine in Valerie’s bedroom, and the heroes left north to check out Astryer, leaving the Crestguard Knights to investigate the Marshwood Lake.

Heading north a few days, the party experiments with some of Vanion’s herbs, and Sly amazes with his very unique brand of spellcasting. On the second night, the group is attacked by Obsidias Thorn and his gang. He had been trailing Levinia for quite some time now, hired to ensure she is killed/taken care of. Whilst fighting, Obsidias recognizes Vanion as the Oathbreaker General he believes responsible for his brother Crassus’ death at the Battle of Rannorton. An epic fight ensues, and Obsidias warns Vanion that not only does the Poison Branch extend far beyond Volkarsis, but they have made powerful allies, whispering “You will never defeat the Ancient One” as he drew his last breath. Through some trickery, arrows, growth, swords, fire, and constitution, the party prevailed, defeating the gang.

Session 8 - Enter the Hooded Figure
"Hey it's me, your Graxx!"

As Graxx fell to the ground, the party turned their attention to the goblin they had knocked unconscious. While waking him up, the party looted Graxx’s workshop for some explosives and whatever else they could find. Zoshia retrieved "Lemmy"s feet from the edge, as Vanion and others, peered over the ledge, attempting to see the depths of the canyon below. Thanks to darkvision and a fireball, the party made out the figures of some dead goblins.

Bringing the previously unconscious goblin back to lucidity, the heroes questioned him about what Graxx was doing with the gold. This goblin told the party of Graxx’s storage room where he would place the collected treasure, telling the heroes that there’s no way this room could contain all the wealth they’ve stolen/harvested. The party made this goblin lead the way in case of traps, and Gragg stayed behind in Graxx’s workshop. The goblin made his way safely into the storage room, which was of decent size. Vanion checked for traps himself, not trusting that the goblin didn’t step over some, finding none. In the corner of the room was one enormous golden dragon scale, and ten iron ingots.

As Zoshia eyes up the scale and begins lifting it, Barty noticed a magical disturbance in the other far corner. Some sort of door appears, and through it quickly steps a hooded figure with average build. As soon as it came the door closed, vanishing. The figure asked where Graxx was, and Barty excused himself from the room to disguise himself as Graxx. Coming back in the room, he announced himself and walked over to the figure. The heroes found out that this figure appears in this room to collect the goods Graxx has collected every so often, and they appear to be working together. The figure asks about the goblin in restraints, and Barty/Graxx tells him that he was leading a revolt against Graxx. The party killed the goblin. Barty tried to cunningly get the plan from the figure, and the figure told Graxx what he had “told him before” that he needs the gold to build a drill to drill deep into Mastoria’s crust to find a treasure trove he would share with Graxx. Meanwhile, Vanion has placed a Zone of Truth around this figure.

The figure attempts to get the golden scale back from Zoshia. Graxx (Barty) tells the figure that these adventurers have joined his crew, but Zoshia is trouble. Barty/Graxx gets Zoshia to drop what she’s holding, including the scale and her bow and arrow. She picks her bow and arrow back up and Barty/Graxx takes the scale. Barty turns the scale into Bronze for one hour, and tells the figure that it looks like this particular scale might not be worth much. The figure informs him that he will sell it anyway. Zoshia throws a javelin at the figure but due to Barty/Graxx’s proximity, hits him in the shoulder instead. Seeing this, the figure looks into Zoshia’s eyes and charms and stuns her. Taking the iron bars and golden scale, he turns to leave, opening a new doorway and ordering Barty/Graxx to have these new adventurers thrown out of the dragon’s mouth. He steps through the doorway, and the door closes and disappears.

Zoshia comes back to her senses, and was enraged/upset that this figure made off with the golden scale. Barty removed his disguise, and the heroes went back out to the dragon’s skull to find Gragg missing. Heading back up the massive staircase, they heard commotion coming from the makeshift smithy. Gragg was arguing with two goblins about being the new ruler of Gearfang Canyon. The party convinced these goblins that Gragg had slain Graxx and was the rightful ruler. They ran off in different directions to tell the others. The party discovered excavation rooms dug out around Gearfang’s wings, which Barty identified thanks to looking up this canyon’s backstory in his Dragons : A History book. They found three rats leashed in a corner, and they slayed them. The other wing was surrounded by four goblins and some kind of goblin chieftain/taskmaster, arguing with one of the goblins from the smithy. The party convinced them that Gragg was the new ruler, but his silver frying pan had since returned to a regular one. The goblins grabbed one of the golden scales and ran it to the smithy to melt it down and make Gragg a new golden frying pan. The party looted some golden scales, said farewell to Gragg, and headed out to return to Crestguard.

The party arrived back in Crestguard in the early evening. Vanion went to pick up his golden-embroidered vest, some flowers and wine. While picking up flowers, he learned of Jax Jameson’s vocal curse he got from a forest outside town, where he picked these rare purple roses. The party went about selling goods at Arken’s Smithy, where Zoshia reunited with Torque, Alista Lockhaven’s apothecary to drop off goblin feet, and Marbo’s Majestic Emporium, where Marbo himself was present. The party met back up outside the doors to city hall, where our heroes eagerly await their reward…

Session 7 - Enter the Dragon
Cooking Mama Eat Your Heart Out

We returned after our hiatus with our heroes finishing up their short rest in the guards room. Vanion had played a quiet song of rest that thanks to the numerous twists and turns of the cave hallways, did not alert any sleeping goblins nearby. Torvak informed the party of the number of goblins in the barracks, and they formulated a stealthy plan.

Levinia and Vanion stayed behind while Zoshia, Torvak, and soon-after Barty entered the room in hiding, and one by one began slitting the throats of the sleeping/snoring goblins. Once those four were dispatched, they turned their attention to the two goblins at the wooden table arguing in Goblin over what appeared to be a rudimentary game. Mezer got behind one of the Goblins in a surprise attack, biting his neck and piercing his jugular, killing him. On the other side of the table (now covered in blood, and on fire thanks to a whiffed Firebolt from Barty), Torvak shot a crossbow bolt into the remaining goblin’s back, piercing his heart, bringing his head down upon the table. Barty with some quick thinking turned the wooden table into stone, stopping the blaze. They went around looting through the trunks in the barracks, Barty taking four sets of plain goblin clothes, Zoshia taking twelve gold pieces and two crude iron daggers, and Torvak taking eight more gold pieces.

Torvak had in the darkness found a set of stairs leading downward. The party went down and found what seemed to be a washroom for the goblin miners. Thorough inspection of the room revealed the goblins didn’t much like to clean themselves, though the floor was damp and there was poisonous fungus growing in the corners of the room. Heading further downward, the heroes found the source of the goblin’s drinking water, a large underground spring. Standing in front of the spring, trying desperately to fetch a bucket of water was a smaller goblin. Zoshia hearing no opposition (for the most part) loosed an arrow, striking right through the little fellow, with his body falling into the spring. Zoshia fished his body out, and found him to be dead. NOTE : The heroes have been collecting as many goblin feet as they can, this goblin’s included!

The heroes navigated down a separate path, leading them out in the vast canyon. Heading up a staircase to what sounded like a quiet elevated platform, the party noticed an enormous rib cage jutting out from the canyon, with dusty cloths spread out like tarps between the ribs to shade the canyon partially from the hot desert sun. The platform turns out to be a cleaning/prospecting station for the mined ores of this canyon. Zoshia was sure to loot everything she found, including magnifying glasses, a pair of glasses, shovels, and gold pans.

Scouting out many pathways around them, the party headed down one in particular after some deliberation. Moving down the long hallway, the heroes heard the clanging of metal on metal. Believing there to potentially be slaves here, the party rushed into the goblin’s kitchen to find a goblin chef working on a “dish”. Taken aback by the intruders, this goblin spies Barty (who had previously disguised himself as a goblin), and tries to get him to get help. Barty tries to deceive him but the chef catches on, instead handing him a frying pan and asking for his assistance in defending their only kitchen. A lengthy discussion took place, ending in Barty handing over a now-silver frying pan to the newly nicknamed “Gragg” (Zoshia calls him “Little Friend”), and a promise that once Graxx is defeated, Gragg can rule the canyon himself. He let the party know of the Goblin King Mobash (which he kept mispronouncing as Moblash and Moglash, mostly because he’s never met him and isn’t sure he actually exists), who rules over the greater Billbog clan. He reluctantly agrees to lead them to Graxx, but looks forward to better and shinier cooking gear. After the deliberations wrapped up, a groggy goblin who was sleeping in another part of the mess hall entered the room. The party intimidated the goblin into being submissive, and tied him up instead of killing him (Gragg requested he have at least one follower when he gets to rule the canyon).

Gragg led the party to the long descending staircase into the head of the dragon.
Once the heroes got the bottom, he stayed up on the staircase in fear. Graxx turned around in his workshop, and told the party he didn’t expect them to find his hideout so easily. Combat began with Graxx and three goblins, including Zoshia’s “Lemmy” from the bank heist in Crestguard. In the ensuing “firefight”, Zoshia was able to get sweet vengeance on “Lemmy”, piercing his heart with an arrow that stumbled him backwards and out the dragon’s mouth into the great abyss below. The heroes defeated Graxx, with Torvak piercing his heart with an arrow as well. As he was dying, Graxx told them that they were making a mistake messing with them, and that they would regret it. To Be Continued…

Session 6 - Enter Gearfang Canyon

Zoshia, Levinia, and Barty awoke in the morning at the Dire Bear Retreat. Heading down to get some breakfast (prepaid by Vanion), the party was surprised to find Torvak sitting downstairs, also enjoying a fine meal. Zoshia accused him of being Marbo the Magnificent from the Magic Shop, as Barty sprinkled some automaton dust on his eggs, asking if Levinia wanted to try some. Barty realized it hurt himself to eat it, and Levinia spit her bite out. A bit of a scuffle occurred between Roglak and Zoshia when Zoshia accused Roglak of poisoning their eggs, but it was quickly sorted out. Meanwhile, Zoshia sent Mezer on a tracking mission to find Vanion.

Mezer tracked him down to the River District. Awoken by barking outside the window, Vanion grabbed a silver knife, only to be relieved when he saw it was Mezer in the alley and not another werewolf creature. Valerie awoke and got dressed, and they both shared a glass of wine together before heading out to see Mezer. Vanion decided to walk Valerie to work since it seemed like Mezer was heading back to the Inn which was near City Hall. Vanion shared a kiss with Valerie as she went into work, and entered the Dire Bear Retreat to reunite with his friends and tell them about the werewolf and his other “conquests”.

The party finished up their meals, catching Torvak up on what he had missed (he himself seemed confused as to what he was up to the previous day/night). Heading out of the Inn, Levinia picked up her silver coated sword from Arken’s Smithy while Torvak picked up some equipment for himself, including a hand crossbow and some bolts. Vanion decided his shirt could wait, and Barty retrieved the Goblin job posting from the job board, finding their estimated location to be Gearfang Canyon, nearly a day’s travel outside the city limits to the west. They gathered up and headed out west, with Mezer and Zoshia attempting to track the Goblin’s path.

As the dirt road became more desertlike, the trail veered off the north into the deeper desert, as nightfall came upon swiftly. Finding some dim glowing emanating from an enormous canyon, the party believes they have found Gearfang Canyon. A dark staircase leading down into the multi-part canyon led the heroes across several bridges. Noticing two goblin watch towers, Zoshia and Torvak were able to take out the goblin guards silently and efficiently without them alerting others.
Continuing on, Zoshia saw a room filled with dark figures, with some torchlight and tables and benches. She used Thaumaturgy to dim the lights, and rushed in for a surprise attack! However in her haste she set off the bone charms hanging from the ceiling, alerting the two magically enhanced goblins and their wolf to notice her entering the room, and combat began.

With swift strikes, fireballs from both sides, bites, sickness and sneaking, the party dispatched the threats. A voice called from the opposite hallway asking if everything was alright. Torvak and Vanion put on Goblin impressions and told the voice not to worry, and that the wolf had defecated and made a mess. They heard the voice seem satisfied, and go back to snoring loudly. Torvak went down the hallways, finding the barracks, where there were four sleeping goblins, and two more speaking quietly in goblin at the far end of the room. Sneaking back to the party, they decided to take a short rest, with Vanion singing them a song to help them heal, and the party taking turns being on guard.

Session 5 - Meet the Mayor
Crestguard Adventures in Romance and Intimidation

We joined our heroes as they approached City Hall. Torvak snuck off into an alleyway, mysteriously. Upon Vanion knocking on the door, a voice told them to enter. They found a large ornate room with many paintings lining the walls and beautiful carpeting. At the far end of the room was a large desk, at which a human woman sat. Upon presenting her with the job they completed, she gestures them to the door behind her to the left. The party enters the room, eager to meet the Mayor. A room twice as long as the foyer opened before them. At the very end behind an enormous desk sat a Dwarven man poring over some paperwork.

Mayor Ellion Starros introduced himself to the heroes, and thanked them deeply for their service to the city, stressing Professor Rasters’ importance to the Crestguard University. Zoshia, having spent far more time in this city than anyone else, recalled his terribly-named policies and made some jabs at him. He handed the players a sack of 1000 gold as promised, and a Certificate of Experience denoting that they were legally free to take any job they wished on the job board, though he warned of their dangers. They briefly discussed the werewolf issue, and he went back to work. On their way out, Vanion discovered that Valerie, the desk clerk, has a crush on him. Vanion decided to stay behind as his companions, Levinia, Zoshia, and Barty went out to do some shopping and research.

The players decided to first go to the Magic Shop, known as Marbo’s Magic Emporium. Upon arrival, Barty bartered with the shopkeep, Marbo the “Magnificent” for some magic ink, and purchased one bottle, as that was all they had stocked. Zoshia thought Barty might have gotten a bad deal, and began interrogating the shopkeep. Eventually she found out he’s not the real Marbo, and that Marbo works nights. Zoshia was a bit upset about the man lying to them, and the man helped Barty identify his green potion as a basic poison, that could be used as a poisonous drink or to coat a blade, etc. They promptly left and headed towards the Apothecary.

Upon arriving, they noticed the Apothecary, unlike the uniform buildings surrounding it, was a large hut with smoke billowing out the top.
They entered, finding a warlock woman throwing a leather shoe into a cauldron, looking concerned at the mixture. The party introduced themselves, and found out she was working on some kind of new jumping potion, as her apothecary hasn’t produced anything new recently and business has been dull. Zoshia struck a deal with her, that their party would bring her goblin hands and feet in exchange for some of her potions. She pulled the shoe out of her cauldron, defeated only temporarily as she began muddling again.

The party went next to Arken’s Smithy, the blacksmith and armory. Zoshia was reunited with an old Tiefling friend of hers, Torque, who works as Arken’s apprentice. As they caught up, she purchased five Silver tipped Arrows, and 20 regular arrows to restock her quiver. Livinnia had a chat with Arken, and decided to trade in one of her longswords and some coin towards having a silver-coated blade made. Arken ensured her the blade would be ready come morning, and the party, a bit exhausted from so much running around, head back to the Dire Bear Retreat.

Meanwhile, Vanion had been flirting up a storm with Valerie, promising to pick her up after work for a nice evening. He headed out to the King’s Tannery and Tailor, to see if he could have a magnificent shirt created much like the Mayor’s (Ellion recommended this shop to Vanion). Working out a deal with the halfling tailor, he was to have a rather extravagant shirt made. He ensured Vanion it would be ready for pickup in the morning. Vanion inquired to see if his party had been to the Tailor, but they had not, so Vanion told the Tailor to keep an eye out for them, and if found, to send them to the Dire Bear Retreat where he planned on performing.

Vanion headed to the Inn and was reunited with his new companions. Vanion and Zoshia played an interesting duet for the patrons, and Vanion decided to pay for everyones’ rooms and meals for the night, heading out to see Valerie after Zoshia and Barty when to rest. Levinia stayed at the bar enjoying some fine ale.

Vanion met with Valerie outside City Hall, and escorted her to her home in the River District. They had a romantic evening with some wine Vanion bought from the Dire Bear Retreat, and began having some relations when Valerie thought she heard something outside. Vanion to ease her nerves investigated, opening up her bedside window while throwing on a robe. Looking out, he found a shadowy furry creature in the alley walking slowly towards a woman who was screaming in terror.
He went to the kitchen and grabbed a silver knife, told Valerie not to worry, and went out to the alley. He ran along the street parallel to ensure he’d get in between the werewolf and the woman. The woman had seemed to make it away, and Vanion confronted the beast, scaring it away with his silver and loud/bright sparks.

He called for guards, and eventually two guards showed up to help her corner the beast at the end of the alley. Vanion did his best to keep the guards alive and fighting, and they were able to fell the beast. He watched as the fur fell off of the beaten man, and he awoke thanks to his use of healing word to bring the man to consciousness. The man was incredibly confused and seemed to have no idea what was going on . The guards had already put him in cuffs and rope at this point, and carried the man to the dungeons. Vanion returned to his romantic night, feeling quite the hero.

Session 4 - Raster's Wrap Up
Do Automatons Dream of Electric Elementals?

We joined our heroes as they explored Raster’s kitchen. Zoshia and Levinia scouted the next room, The Generator Room. Inside they found an enormous machine containing another glass sphere with a lightning elemental inside. They whispered with their companions about to what to do, and Zoshia removed the sphere from the generator, knocking out power to the mansion. Luckily, the lightning elemental emitted quite a bit of light, so they used it as a torch to lead their way through the dark mansion (as night had fallen during their earlier rest).

When the party passed back through the bathroom on their way to the original spherical hole in the wall, Zoshia saw a glint of something in the sink. Removing the pipe below the sink, she found a golden ring, giving it to Barty. Barty suspected the ring was magical, and put it on, with no immediate effect. Zoshia named this elemental Buzz, and told him that if he powered the door for them, she would free him afterwards. She placed the sphere into the wall, and the door opened, revealing a long hallway with a red velvet carpet, and more barred windows. Sidetables with drawers, and the end of the room, now illuminated by Barty’s dancing lights, was a large stone face in the door.

Awakening upon inspection, the large stone face (without eyes) began questioning the party to see if they were in fact Professor Raster, as only Raster is allowed beyond the door into his labs. Proving themselves quite witty, with Vanion’s bardic knowledge, and having Raster’s latest unfinished book, they fooled the door, which opened to the Lab Prep Room. The heroes found a key hanging on the wall, and Barty inspected what he found out was Raster’s logbook for the lab. He discovered the Professor hadn’t logged time in his lab for about a week, which was odd considering his multiple daily trips beforehand.

They pressed on into the next room, where they discovered blueprints for all of the mechanisms in the Professor’s mansion. Barty discovered notes on the automatons’ blueprints that indicate a weakness to electricity, too much current would overload them. Reference books were strewn about, but nothing magical to Barty’s dismay. In the next room, The Chemical Lab, the party found a storage closet. Zoshia discovered some scientific substances inside as well as two more spheres containing lightning elementals. Upon chatting with them, she discovered that Professor Raster had found a way to catch 10 lightning elementals, though the elemental was sure some of his kind were killed in experiments. Barty found a crimson pulsing potion. The party noticed what seemed to be an observation window that had been boarded up by something on the other side of the window.

Torvak suggests that the key they found might be for the locked hidden door in the dining room he was unable to pick. The party traveled back there with their new 2 lightning elemental spheres, and they unlocked the door to Raster’s Panic Room. The party searched every nook and cranny of this room. Levinia directed Zoshia to the arrows in the weapon rack while she looked over the shortswords. Barty found a Scroll of Identify and a Scroll of Comprehend Languages on display in one of the cabinets. In another cabinet, Vanion found a potion of healing. Zoshia then searched underneath the bed, and found a small jewelry box containing some gems. Barty and Vanion searched the dressers, finding Raster’s clothes, which Torvak took some of, and a pile of apparently glowing clothing. In Barty’s dig to find the glowing clothing, he uncovered a glass sphere with a lighting elemental in it buried beneath the clothes. Barty decided to use his Scroll of Identify to identify his ring as Ring of Swimming. With Buzz, Buzz Jr, Buzz the 3rd, and Buzz the 4th, the party navigated back to the door that had 4 spherical slots next to it, in the Chem Lab.

Preparing for a potential battle, Barty fortified himself with Mage Armor, and gave Levinia a +1 magical blade for a short time. Placing the last of the spheres in, the door opened, revealing Raster in a cage in the corner guarded by two clockwork automatons. With his back facing the party, an enormous taskmaster was working on something out of sight. Above him, another taskmaster appeared to be in mid-assembly. Turning to see who/what had opened the Main Lab door, he saw multiple Professor Raster’s! Torvak had disguised himself using the Professor’s clothing, as well as Barty, glancing at Raster in the corner, cast disguise self on himself. Shaking off his initial confusion, he realized if one of them is the real Professor, he might as well capture them all, and combat began.

Arrows and fireballs flew, automatons were shattered, blades were deflected and armor was struck through. The Rogue Clockwork Taskmaster (RCT) revealed his extra two arms, and attacked Levinia and Zoshia relentlessly. Through Vanion’s healing, Levinia did not fall. The party attempted to throw one of the lightning elemental spheres at RCT, dealing a decent amount of damage to him. The party took many opportunity attacks against the Lightning Elemental who appeared to be retreating, though he had wanted to release his brothers. Even with RCT’s steam vents adding additional damage, the party prevailed, ending the battle as Levinia struck RCT in twain. He turned to dust, and the party turned their attention to Torvak attempting to pick the lock on Professor Raster’s cage. Zoshia told the elementals they could be free to go, and they left the mansion willingly. The party, with Raster still behind bars, interrogated him about what went on. Thanks to Vanion’s zone of truth, the Professor revealed he had begun building the automatons to have servants for the mansion. He believed these constructs would be the future helpers of the world. However, one of his Taskmaster’s had gone rogue after learning rather quickly that he didn’t like this live of essential slavery, and locked up the Professor. RCT was planning on building an automaton army to attack and take over a district in Crestguard so the automatons would have a place to be free. The party, satisfied, released Professor Raster in Rodrigo’s custody, with the Professor agreeing he must pay for what has occurred.

The party rested up and traveled back to Crestguard, with Rodrigo telling the party they should collect their reward from the Mayor himself in city hall. Rodrigo took Professor Raster to the dungeons, as the party retrieved the job posting from the job board, and headed off to city hall.

Session 3 - Read A Book
But maybe leave the containers alone...

Rodrigo quickly joined up with the heroes as they eventually decided to find out what happened to the Professor. The party joined Levinia in The Trophy Room, investigating the Professor’s various awards. Barty and Torvak checked out the book stand at the end of the trophy hall. 3 published books by Raster were found there, with an open display slot for his newest work in progress.

To the left Zoshia found a door with a plaque above it, reading “The Pathway to Knowledge”. Creaking open the door, Vanion and Zoshia peered inside. A crackling fireplace and barred (not bard) windows were found in this long hallway. Vanion had some fun with prestidigitation, extinguishing and reigniting the fireplace, hearing clacking in the distance. Barty summoned some dancing lights to move down the hallway for vision, and Zoshia added some Thaumaturgy for good measure to brighten them. A tall clockwork automaton taskmaster and four clockwork automatons were illuminated, and combat began! With little damage, the party successfully vanquished the automatons. Zoshia and Levinia inspected the Taskmaster’s mechanical staff, and Zoshia decided to hold onto it for later.

Exploring further down the hall, the party finds themselves in a massive library. Vanion stays behind fiddling with the fireplace to see if he could find any hidden switches or levers. Barty finds a book about magic, while Zoshia investigates a large pile of books, and then a chest in the corner of the room. Zoshia picked up three daggers on the ground, and then went to open the chest, when it revealed itself as a mimic, and did some massive damage to Zoshia. Hearing Mezer’s cries, the party began to rush to Zoshia’s aid. Barty grabbed three more random books and came as quick as he could to cast a firebolt at the monster. Levinia threw a handaxe at it, then lept over Zoshia to both defend her and deliver a mighty blow, though the blow had missed. Vanion eventually went to investigate Levinia’s yell for Vanion to come heal Zoshia. Barty accidentally lit a bookshelf on fire with a stray firebolt, but Vanion arrived just in time to put out the fire. The mimic ended up dealing the final blow on itself, biting itself so hard it perished, and the party decided to take a short rest in the library, knowing it was decently safe now. Barty searched for interesting books and found one more he decided to put in his pack, “Baxter’s Book of Bedazzling Bewitchments”.

The heroes continued their journey back out of The Library, through The Pathway of Knowledge, through the Trophy Room, and into The Bathroom. It was a beautifully ornate bathroom, with both a gold-trimmer sink and chamberpot. A large mirror hung above the sink. After Barty and Torvak marveled at the chamberpot, some of the party continued into the Dining Room.

Zoshia noticed table sittings fitting a nobleman adorning a large wooden table. One of the place-sets was missing, and a fine layer of dust laid on top of everything, indicating no one had eaten a meal in this room for quite some time. Zoshia investigated the small box in the corner, and found it to be a trashcan containing the broken place-setting. The enormous chandelier above the table was found to have a glass sphere with lightning in it. Zoshia climbed up on the table to get a better look, and found it to be a miniature lightning elemental. She conversed with it, finding out that Professor Raster had caught the lightning elemental and contained it in the sphere. The lightning elemental lied and told Zoshia that if she let it free, it would be her friend and not hurt her. The party attempted to dissuade her, but in the end she raised her shortsword and smashed open the sphere.

Combat began with the miniature lightning elemental. Torvak even joined in the fray, and many blows were traded. Zoshia realized the beast was immune to thunder, lightning, and poison damage, and had no particular weaknesses beside magical weapons. Barty took the Bomb Boy he had collected from the Pompous Potter, and threw it at the elemental hitting it for some fire damage. Levinia epically slayed the lightning elemental, and it dissipated leaving nothing behind. Barty and a few others ventured into The Kitchen, and Barty took some internal damage after getting a strong whiff of rotting meat in a cabinet. Zoshia found a rolling pin in one of the kitchen drawers and pocketed it for later.

Session 2 - Mansion Mayhem
The Curse of the Crooked Paintings

Our heroes headed out the West gate in the early morning, following a decent trek through the city and then out through some farmlands to where the gate to Professor Raster’s mansion could be found.

They were met by a strong iron gate, but with some physical effort from Levinia, the rusty lock was broken. Finding the lack of any kind of notification device rather odd, the heroes crept inward on the dirt path, scanning the trees and unkempt gardens for signs of life.

Upon arriving at the door, the party did notice lights on inside. Vanion broken into a drumming solo on the door as they called out for someone to answer the door. After some time passed, Barty realized the front door was open, and they entered The Foyer. Zoshia and Levinia investigated the pile of furniture off to the left down the hallway, while Barty and others investigated the sconces that appeared to be lit by magical means. Upon pulling one off the wall, Barty found that they are powered by some kind of magic-wire. He mended the sconce and replaced it on the wall. Zoshia and Levinia were able to remove the furniture, and find a large metal door on the other side, as well as a spherical hole in the wall. Zoshia put her hand inside but was hit with a jolt of lightning damage. It also did not appear to be pressure sensitive.

Vanion wandered into The Music Room, finding ornate furniture, paintings, a grand piano and a harp. Using his lute skills, he began figuring out how to play the harp, with a mage hand of his attempting the piano. His mage hand however played very poorly and ended up doing a full key-swipe, opening up a previously latched-closed painting on the wall. Vanion did not notice this however, and his mage hand fell to the floor. Torvak (or Jorvyn as his actual name) entered the room, investigating the paintings. He came to the conclusion that the painting that had opened was in the proper position, and the other 3 were crooked, so he went about trying to fix them.

Barty entered the room after taking notes on the sconces, and found Torvak/Jorvyn adjusting the apparently skewed paintings. He quickly found he agreed with Torvak’s assessment and assisted him in tilting the paintings. Levinia and then Zoshia entered the Music Room. Levinia discovered the open painting was actually the odd-man-out and investigated. She found a safe behind the painting. Torvak cracked the safe, and found 100 gold pieces, a strange green gem, and a vial of green liquid. Throwing aside the gem rather hastily, Zoshia chose to hold onto it, recognizing the color of the gem did not match the color of the liquid in the vial. Barty discovered that the green liquid did give off a magical aura.

The gang opted to leave the Music Room behind, and check out the other open door. The group entered The Common Room, and when looking around found a pool of blood in the corner. Barty noticed there was still blood dripping into the pool, and looked up to find a dead Crestguard guard impaled on spikes on the ceiling. Zoshia investigated the flooring and found 9 pressure-triggers that would activate the ceiling spikes. The heroes decided they would return to this room later to grab proof of death (in the form of the Crestguard patch on his uniform).

The heroes opened the door to The Gallery. Peering inside, they saw many nice portraits lining the walls in this room. In the far end of the room were two doors. Some of the party found scuff marks on the floor from some kind of struggle, leading back towards the door they had just come through. The scuff marks were odd, including both boot streaks and divots in the floor from something heavy. While the party was investigating, one of the doors at the end of The Gallery opened up, and two clockwork automatons entered the room! The party readied themselves for battle, and after many arrows, thorns, javelins, daggers, cleaves, and spells, the 5 automatons were defeated, leaving behind only their weapons and piles of metallic dust. Torvak pocketed some dust, and Zoshia collected 3 of the javelins. The party successfully took a short rest, patching up their wounds.
The heroes discovered a keypad mechanism that controlled a lockbar on the door the automatons did not enter through. The small windows in the door revealed the other side to be some sort of garden/courtyard area. Vanion, after witnessing the bloody guard situation, was wishing for some fresh air. Barty, upon incredibly close inspection, realized that there was some kind of substance over-top the portraits, placed there sometime after they were dried. Barty detached all the sconces from the walls, leaving only the lights below the paintings to illuminate them. He discovered upon covering up one of the lights, that a phosphorescent message was hidden on the paintings. They found out the keypad’s code was “ROBOTICS”. Once entered, the door to the Courtyard was unlocked.

Levinia decided to venture into The Trophy Room (where the automatons had come from) while the rest of the party moved out into the Courtyard. Levinia spent time looking at her reflection in the shiny plaques denoting Professor Raster’s many successes. In the courtyard, the party found many benches and shrubberies, as well as a stone path surrounding a decently-sized running fountain in the center. Mezer went to get a drink from the fountain. Barty and Torvak investigated the shrubberies around the courtyard. Barty found one that seemed to be rustling. He prodded at it with his bedpost staff and heard a resounding “OW!”. A crestguard guard covered with dirt and leaves in a poor attempt at camouflage emerged. Through conversation the players were able to find out the man’s name was Rodrigo. He had come to the mansion with his partner, Frederick, to deliver the noise complaint. Frederick had been caught in the spike trap, and Rodrigo heard the automatons stomping around. Incredibly frightened, he tried to figure out the keypad message with his knowledge of the Professor’s work. Eventually he got the code, and hid in the courtyard believing the automatons wouldn’t know the passcode. Before entering the courtyard (which he believed to be safer than trying to run to the door thanks to all the noises he heard), he used a phosphorescent material found in a vial on one of the side-tables in the Gallery to write out the passcode for someone to find.


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