Mysteries of Mastoria

Session 43 - The Unexpected
"You really thought you could fool me!"

Our heroes were finishing up their dinners, and Torsten was coming to the realization that Sly had actually disappeared!
Ellion led everyone into the theatre for Dequilar’s play, with music by Vanion. The play was a big hit, a drama about two lovers from different nations, and the resulting peace at the end. During the play, Torsten, sought the help of Zoshia with the mirror. It was eventually returned to the closet, and the walls between the theatre and the dining room magically shifted into a large dance floor for the dance. Torsten quickly sat his weapons against the wall, but not before introducing himself to everyone as the Ambassador of Trade from the Elemental Plane of Earth, which “everyone” believed.

There were many conversations and dances that occurred during this time, and Etherrabard introduced himself to Vanion, bragging about his lifelong pursuit of his art. Many strange conversations were overheard, between Ellion, L. R., and the Bravarti’s. Vanion strolled around playing music, and Barty turned himself invisible to sneak around and listen in as well. Ellion met Aestra, Shane’s guest, and they chatted it up.

The dance was going swimmingly, when suddenly a flash of magic and a bright portal opened up in front of the beautiful painting above the fireplace. From within the portal emerged a furious, scarred and burnt Mask, whom immediately threw a longsword (which impaled Etherrabard).
Our heroes jumped into action one of his chitinous Mezzoloth allies came through the gateway. Levinia and Jorvyn got to work escorting everyone out of danger’s path. When a Fire Storm spell took out Dequilar, Allison Bravarti, Theodore Bravarti, and Fennick Broadwater, our heroes did not hesitate to lend aid. Levinia picked up the Bravarti’s and carried their bodies to safety in the foyer. Jorvyn retrieved everyone’s weapons from the closet (except for Barty’s sugar). Aestra ran to help Dequilar up and out, but was struggling to lift him. Torsten compelled the Mezzoloth to duel him.

Barty burned Mask with a large fireball and struck with some magic missiles! To Barty’s dismay, it turned out Mask knew right where he was despite being invisible, as Mask flew over to make some longsword strikes and to stun him with his opalescent gaze. Much of the crowd managed to escape, with only Aestra and Shane staying behind in the dining hall / dance area.

What will happen next in this epic battle!?

Session 42 - Cocktail Hour and Dinner, Crestguard Style
"What a Wide Cast of Characters!"

As the clock struck 6:00 pm, the Gala had begun, and guests began to trickle through the door. It was showtime for our heroes!

First through the door was Dalak Rembrandt, Sorcerer Supreme of Lorwynn, representing Prince Lomithien Nightfeather. Drawn to Barty, they chatted about a potential employment opportunity in Lorwynn as a part of the Prince’s magical entourage.

Bazzle Greenfist of Spellhaven (representing Mayor Zofwyn Lunaros) arrived next, a red dragonborn whom ran off to speak to Ellion immediately.

Branic Tarhaven, Head of the Crestguard Culinary Council came next, running to try some of the hors d’oeuvres, and chat up Dalak.

The Volkarsian Ambassador, Fennick Broadwater and his guest arrived, followed by Shane Thistlewood and his guest, from Lormont. Shane’s guest called many eyes to her by her unique look, white flowing hair, bright blue eyes with golden rings around the pupils, and a billowing dress. A few of the guests recognized her as a Genasi, but our heroes are not familiar with their people.

Volkarsian General Tassarian Othmont arrived next, and his guest sent chills down the spine of Barty and Jorvyn, who recognized him as none other than Obsidias Thorne. Immediately following them was the King of Volkarsis, Uthian Traalivar, and a small band of four bodyguards.

Meanwhile, Torsten spends time in the closet collecting and checking out weapons that are dropped off, and Ellion promises him a meal delivered.

Gearwood Undercoil’s advisor Treymane arrived next, a creepy halfling man whose surprise to see his Ward Leader was overtaken by a need to talk to him immediately. Jorvyn, impersonating Gearwood, quickly learned through chats with Treymane, and the next guest, that Gearwood is up to no good.

The next guest was another Ward Leader of Quiverfall, Vikarus Vendalt, one of Barty’s sons. Barty put on a disguise so as not to be seen, and Vikarus went to Gearwood and whispered that he “knew what was going on”, and one of these days he was going to “make sure everyone else knew too”, making a threat.

Next to arrive was King Nysos Black of Astryer, along with two bodyguards, and Theodore and Allison Bravarti. Levinia had adopted her own disguise complete with personality in order to not be recognized, as she formulated what to do next.

Branic went off to speak to Nysos about expanding a branch of the Culinary Council into Astryer, when Shendar Ironback, leader of Rannorton in Volkarsis arrived, a dwarven man.

Duke Etherrabard Umelind of Greymont appeared, showing similar personality to Barty in his interactions with staff and others.

As it seemed that was the end of the arrivals and early mingling, Sly got Ellion and Bazzle back so that Ellion could give an address. He welcomed everyone (meanwhile Vanion and Dequilar are still in the theatre getting prepared for the show!), and showed them to the dining hall.

Jorvyn caught Charlie Fisher, Sheriff of Barrowbeach sneaking into the crowd at the last minute, hoping to find “his little gnome buddy”. Gearwood assured him he’d let him know he was looking for him. Being that Jorvyn, Levinia, and Barty were all in disguise, he didn’t recognize anyone but Zoshia, and wrestled with her over the logbook issue, imploring she never share it with anyone if she lied about destroying it.

Everyone sat down for a delectable 9-course meal at the table, and many conversations were struck. There were talks of Prince Lomithien commissioning Dalak to build something in Lorwynn, but he couldn’t decide on what to build! Branic aired his grievances about the new Goblin restaurant opening in town, showing his clear racism to the goblinoids. There was even talk of building an artificial island between the continents of Dystomos and Volkarsis to aid in overseas travel of goods.

During the meal, Shane got up to use the restroom and bumped almost purposefully into Fennick’s guest, knocking a handkerchief out of her pocket onto the floor. Shane picked it up, showing it obviously to Jorvyn across the table that the letters L. R. were embroidered on.

Torsten snuck out after getting his meal, and only Sly noticed this. He went out to meet Torsten in the foyer. Calling out what he was doing there, Torsten claimed he would now defend the entrance/exit. Torsten kept attempting to convince Sly that he had spilled something on his shirt, eventually succeeding, and getting Sly to check out his shirt in the mirror in the weapons closet. When Torsten checked on him, Sly had disappeared.

Soon after, Ellion began to usher folks to the Theatre for Dequilar’s play.

Session 41 - Gather for the Gala
"I can't refuse the Mayor stealing from me!" - Torque

Our heroes all awoke in various places to find mysterious wrapped packages at their feet. After checking for traps and magic, they opened them up to find various gifts from Vestidio, rewarding them for a job well done with those bandits.
Everyone made their way to the Dire Bear Retreat where they met up and made plans for the day before the Gala at 6pm.

Torsten took to drinking copious amounts of ale.
Levinia had her cloak identified.
Barty studied his quill, revealing its secrets.
Vanion checked up on his golden lute strings, finding they were taken by the Mayor. He smoked a bit outside city hall after talking to Ellion.
Jorvyn spent the day getting into character, practicing his accent and mannerisms to become the perfect Gearwood Undercoil impersonator.

When it came almost time for the Gala, at 4pm Vanion, Barty, Jorvyn (in Gearwood garb) and Levinia approached city hall. Finding Jojen and Francis of the Crestguard Knights, they were allowed entrance. Heading upstairs to the second floor, they found Angelica and William guarding a shimmering doorway. Upon going through, they entered the Gala Foyer, a beautiful ornate display of marble and elegance. Sly greeted them inside, and confiscated their weapons. Jorvyn managed to hide his dragon dagger, and Vanion discretely handed over his rusted Poison Branch dagger to Sly. Sly told them where the weapons closet is, and Vanion saw Sly was nervous, so he took him downstairs to smoke to ease his nerves. As the rest of the companions looked around, Torsten made his way tipsily to the Gala.

Torsten got into a bit of a tussle with the Knights out front, but it was relieved by the arrival of Vanion and Sly. Torsten headed up and in, and once Sly and Vanion got back, he vowed not to relinquish his weapons. Instead, he was put on closet guard duty, and was told not to look into the mirror on the back of the door. Torsten is now locked in that closet.

Vanion ran off to get into his Phoenix costume, and to begin practicing an opening tune and monologue song with Dequilar, who he found practicing for his play. Sly quickly went through an overview of the plan for the evening, and the guestlist, which triggered Levinia when she heard that two high-ranking members of the Bravarti family would be in attendance. TO be continued…

Session 40.5 - Storied Days
"In The Meantime..."

We joined our hero Jorvyn as he researched his heart out on potential people to impersonate at the Gala. He set his heart finally on Gearwood Undercoil, Ward Leader of Quiverfall. He also learned quite a bit about the small town, and others.

Barty received all of the knowledge he had learned, and then we joined our Lady Levinia on a quest of discovery. Plagued with questions, she sought out the Temple of Lathander, in the southern residential district of Crestguard. The priest took pity upon Levinia’s apparent struggle and spoke to her, trying to get her to open up about her troubles. He went on to suggest a way she may be able to get answers from the Gods, but doubted it would work.

The priest led Levinia out the courtyard with a dead rat they had gotten from a storage room, and he set up a divination circle. The rat caught aflame as the priest focused on the ritual, and from the ashes arose an avatar of Lathander. This avatar answered several questions to her about who Caiaphas was, why the Gods had chosen her, and how her family was. Afterwards, the avatar told her not to summon the Gods again like this, and disappeared into ashes once more. The priest thought the spell had failed but to his delight, Levinia spoke of what had transpired in her head.

Asking the priest if he knew of Caiaphas, he told her to check out the library, where she learned a good few facts about the man in a biography about him.

To be continued…

Session 40 - Intrigue Abound
"You were wrong about one thing. The negotiations were long."

We joined our heroes locked in a fierce combat with the Amari Bandits.
The Bandit Captain called for negotiations, to the chagrin of his bard. It was realized that the dwarf in the cage was Dequilar, and the Bandit Captain released him. The deal made was that Dequilar would be returned to the party, the party would have safe passage out, and they would not take/harm the Knight. In return, the heroes would not kill more bandits, or reveal them to have them killed by the Crestguard ranks.
The bard, Kichidec, was furious that the Bandit Captain wasn’t killing them, and tried to cast a spell. With a quick hold person, he was subdued. When freed, Torsten tried to grapple him, but he seemingly disappeared.
It later came out that the Knight was not the only one planning to kill the King. And they heard the rumor of the King not being seen in some time. And the Bard, Kichidec, was a member of a cult that wears masks.

The Bandit Captain, Artax, was convinced to try turning his bandits into mercenaries, hopefully with the goal of hunting down other weaker bandit clans. He was also convinced to leave the clan hideout in favor of finding above-ground digs.
Before the party was escorted out, he presented Barty (he quickly grew fond of the wizard’s wit) with a spell scroll, and three potions. The Knight was missing when they got upstairs, and so were the bandit trainees oddly. The party headed back to Crestguard and discussed a lot during their evening stroll.

Back in the city, they went to visit City Hall. Ellion gave them a monetary and gemstone reward for their duty in returning Dequilar alive. Dequilar was given a place to rest and eat to get his strength back. The heroes filled Ellion in on the bandit clan’s promises, offering to Ellion that he could hire them as outside-of-town roaming mercenaries, and he seemed intrigued.

Vanion escorted Valerie home, and on the way, something most peculiar was brought to light. Through passionate discussion, it was revealed that the person that’s been acting so strangely is a Doppleganger, employed by Ethel Greenteeth. Her job was to spy on the party, and Ellion for her, but this new Valerie had grown quite fond of Vanion. It was revealed that she visits the real Valerie every night, who is still alive down in the hag’s lair. It was put together by Vanion that Valerie had been replaced after his vision of her being knocked out in the Library. It was also revealed that Ethel has more Dopplegangers under her employ. Vanion had a lot to think about, told this to new Valerie, and headed to the pub for some heavy drinking.

Barty, on the recommendation of Roglak, visited the Horse’s Mane, a barber establishment run by one Lorace Stoatplump. There he got the works, including a beard perm. From there, he began a long week of study about the planes, and what is said to be waiting on each one.

Torsten began his week by heading to City Hall to talk to Ellion about the Gala. Ellion reassured him that he is to be security, and both stop funny business from happening, and cause no funny business himself. He gave a sigil coin of Crestguard to Torsten to cash at the King’s Tannery, so that Bepin would make him some nice semi-formal clothing for the event.

Content, Torsten headed out of town to do some training. During the week, a few travelers challenged him but he wiped the floor with them. However, nearer to the end of the week, a man approached him and put his arm on Torsten’s shoulder. Torsten reacted quickly and flipped the man over onto his back. It was revealed this man is Vestidio, Jorvyn’s teacher. Vestidio offers to have a good spar with Torsten, offering a deal. For each good blow on eachother (20 damage, either way), the one who did the damage would get to ask any question, and get an honest answer. Vestidio also assured Torsten he would teach him a thing or do if he did well enough and earned it.

To be continued….

Session 39 - A Challenging Battle!
"Bandit Trainees Quiver Before Levinia!"

We joined our heroes with an unconscious Knight, and two bandit trainees who had submitted to the party. The Knight was tied up, and it was decided that Torsten would guard him, while Levinia intimidated the trainees into giving up details about where Dequilar was kept, how many more bandits there were, etc.
The rest of the party followed Levinia who had the trainees at sword-point as they led the way down a long staircase into the lower level of the Amari Bandit Clan hideout.

They pointed out a patrolling scoundrel up ahead, and he was promptly taken out by one of Jorvyn’s crossbow bolts to the back. Jorvyn lockpicked all of the doors in this hall, and they went through checking out the various bed-chambers they found. Their loot included a necklace, a golden ring inscribed with “To My Beloved Donnell”, a belt, and a helm. Barty even found three books to add to his collection.

After their searching, the bandit trainees led the party to two large stone doors they claimed led to the throne room. Jorvyn carefully opened one of the doors, and fired a crossbow bolt in an assassination attempt at the Bandit Captain on his throne. It was a hit, and combat began. The heroes were in a race against time as a dwarven man in a cage was slowly lowered onto a fire pit. Six bandits, four berserkers, a bard and the Bandit Captain engaged the party in difficult combat. As the forces dwindle down, the Bandit Captain has stopped the dwarf’s descent at 10 feet. What will happen next?

To be continued…

Session 38 - The Clan Combats in the Cave Carelessly
"Our Heroes Show What They're Made Of!"

The epic combat ensued with our heroes Jorvyn (Roger) and Torsten surrounded by foes.
Vanion attempted to lead some of them away from the battle with a song on his lute (a song of a rogue who was too greedy). This song entranced several of the bandits, but upon a closer look at Vanion, and a response of his name, they turned on him, attacking. This set Levinia off into a frenzy, cutting down bandits in her path to protect the Bard and the Wizard. Barty sent a magnificent fireball careening into a mass of bandits, turning them to ash. Vanion’s song turned to a tale about Drack, while Torsten questioned our Knight, then knocked the Knight unconscious with a punch to the face. Bandits fell left and right, and before long Vanion, Barty, and Levinia joined Jorvyn and Torsten in the sparring room, providing some much needed backup.

The fight ended with a still unconscious knight, and two bandit trainees who submitted to the heroes, questioning their life choices…

Session 37 - Enter the Amari Bandit Clan
"Can I Join Your Club?"

We joined our heroes at the impromptu cattle ranch by city hall where they had rounded up all of the cows (and one bull). They promptly readied themselves and heading out the western gate, using Vanion’s sense of direction to head northwest towards the fabled Amari clan bandit hideout. Using his gnomish eyes and knowledge of Thieves Cant, Jorvyn was able to determine the location of the bandit hideout. Scouting ahead, he spent time designing a new disguise, Roger Snobowser, vagrant. He found four bandit heads on pikes, and recognized/figured the names of other bandit clans along with their symbols on the cave walls behind them. Heading inside, he soon found himself proving his fighting worth against two guard scoundrels. After one was defeated/dead, the other challenged him, and he defeated/killed both.

Soon after, he ventured further into a second holding room, with three other doors. He returned to the group telling what he found, and took Torsten with him for another probe into the cave system. They quickly found themselves knocking on the door to the barracks, greeted by 30 bandits and scoundrels. They persuade some of them that they’re interested in joining the Amari. They are led to the training/sparring room, where the door is promptly shut.

They meet a Knight who’s training eight young bandit teenagers. The Knight and Torsten spar, with Torsten emerging victorious, but he would not return the Knight’s sword to him that he had grabbed during the battle. This enraged the knight, and battle begun between the trainees, Jorvyn (Roger), and Torsten. Not long after, many people heard the knight yell “Intruders!”, and Jorvyn yell “Electrum!”, which was his code word with Vanion for trouble, essentially. This led the other heroes to begin making their way into the cave. More bandits began to filter into the sparring room, while Vanion and company got to the barracks as he shut out the lights so they could stealthily observe and think of a course of action…
To be continued…

Session 36 - Gala Preparation Part I
"Holy cow!"

We joined our heroes in the Dire Bear Retreat, who quickly received a message from an exhausted messenger boy. Upon delivering the summons to Ellion Starros, Mayor of Crestguard, he promptly collapsed on the floor. The party helped him to recover, and vowed to get Ellion some more couriers, finding out this one boy had run messages all over town this morning with no breaks.

Meeting the Mayor in City Hall, he explained to them that he needed their help preparing for the Gala. Three points were discussed. As there would be a glorious feast for the visitors, the farmers around the Crestguard walls donated 9 cows and 1 bull for the slaughter. However, at some point during the night before, the cows were released. The heroes were tasked with retrieving them and putting them in the new pen they set up by City Hall.

The second task involved Ellion’s favorite playwright, Dequilar. Dequilar had been kidnapped by the Amari bandit clan, who have a hideout northwest of town. Ellion explained that they’ve never been bold enough to kidnap people from the city before. The heroes were tasked with retrieving Dequilar, as he had knowledge of a play he was to perform for their Volkarsian guests at the Gala.

Thirdly, he let Jorvyn know that he would provide him a list of those who RSVP’s no to the Gala, so that he may choose one of them to research and impersonate.

The heroes set to work tracking down the cows, finding them all over the city, and some beyond! Barty polymorphed into a Bull to attract some of them, who had found their way to Alista Lockhaven’s cauldron, Marbo’s magic shop, Zoshia’s wolf statue, in front of the CU Library, the site of Gragg’s restaurant, and one of them even made it into the Tarsak river!

Torsten discovered a cow in the courtyard behind the Temple of Lathander that was filled with magics. It was later determined by a priest to be divine holy magic.

Another cow impersonating a bull was found eating a farmers carrot crops outside of the Crestguard walls, with branches attached to its head. A bull found impersonating a cow with bagpipes tied to it, was found in a house in the slums!

A cow was also found behind the bar in Pompous Potter, revealing Digits Farland to be behind the freeing of the cattle.

With the cattle wrangled once more, the party seemed to set their sights on rescuing the poor playwright from his plight.

Session 35 - Welcome Back, Levinia!
Backstory, Masonry and Muck

Our heroes had been in a tense standoff with a Mezzoloth, after Barty had stricken him with a fireball. Hoping to acquire this power, the insectoid was upset to find out it would take many reads to learn, but accepted the book. Barty gave him one of his spare books, written in common. The creature left seemingly content. Torsten tracked the creature through the doors in the restricted section, disappearing at the split in the staircase below.

They formulated a plan to hide Elizar by getting him to leave for awhile, getting a substitute to watch the Library, though Elizar seemed quite hesitant. Using non-detection he slipped out of the Library with the party, and separated off towards City Hall to tell Ellion of his absence. Torsten and the party went and found Byron Firestone, founder of The Seventh Column masonry in the Market District, learning much of the lore of the town. The party inquired about the original Library blueprints, which were produced, showing no staircase leading downwards. This was peculiar, and Byron informed them of the Tiefling called Barakas who had originally designed/contracted the sewers.

Torsten sought out Whispers, and explored some of the sewers with him, finding a storage room with chains and a golden ring, which he gifted to Whispers. Whispers led him to a sewer exit outside of town. Meeting up with the party who had gone south to visit Levinia, they headed into the temple to her room. Levinia inquired about an open space to the acolytes, who led her to the courtyard behind the church. Levinia told the heroes of her muscle memory and what she planned to do. She wanted another nights rest, so the heroes acquiesced to her request and went to the Dire Bear Retreat for some raucous drinking. Jorvyn taught the party a bit about his past once he had a few drinks. There were many Bluedale Berry Ales and St. Paddy’s (Saint Paddigan, Dwarven Paladin) Day Green Ales to go around!

Vanion went to Valerie’s house and tranced for the night, without her ever returning. Torsten went into the woods to the south and practiced his magics, almost setting a forest on fire. Jorvyn and Barty hit the hay.

Come morning, Barty came down first, with Vanion then Torsten arriving soon after from their places of rest. A few hours later, Jorvyn came down to greet them and eat some breakfast. Not thirty minutes later, Levinia herself entered the Dire Bear Retreat, finding out some of her “usuals” from Roglak. The party was surprised to find out that Levinia did not enjoy ale whatsoever. Our heroes discussed with Levinia about the future of the group, including the upcoming gala. It seems they had hoped for a rather peaceful day…


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