Mysteries of Mastoria

Session 61 - Dura's True Intentions
"So Long."

We joined our heroes as they emerged from the Uvelucal main mine shaft, entering a scuffle with some Duulo thugs. Torsten immediately darted for Vex before he would get away. The Duulo thugs put out some hefty blows, knocking Barty unconscious, but not dying. Levinia and Jorvyn were able to finish off the rest of the thugs, except for the cobalt one they wanted to talk to.

Torsten drug Vex back with a grapple to where the rest of the group was. With a knife to his throat from Jorvyn, he was convinced to call off the Duulo thug. Torsten stabbed a long sword through Vex’s leg to keep him from moving. Meanwhile, Barty used Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum to give this dragonborn named Jiil, and Torsten a private place for conversation. Jiil informed that he is actually a double agent who infiltrated the Duulo. He is a member of the Slathalin, which are a poor man’s militia with the goal of one day leaving the Dragon Isles. He had been trying to figure out how to get through the barrier, and wants to help our heroes. The five slaves were also brought out of the mines.

After much discussion, Jiil heads back to his island of Woari to send some Slathalin backup with our heroes as they take Vex before Dura for his crimes. Dura seemed very upset with what he was told, and the heroes put Vex in a cell below the palace, as the slaves were given beds and food and drink in the palace.

Our heroes went to the nearest temple of Bahamut and spent the night resting. It seemed Vanion and Vadellic had a lot of exhaustion to sleep off. A messenger from Dura arrived at the temple, informing the party they should come to the palace at once for Vex’s trial.

Barty and Torsten headed to the palace, Jorvyn and Levinia stayed behind to watch over their friends at the temple. Once Barty and Torsten arrived, they met Dura’s new assistant, who let them into Dura’s chamber. It was decorated as a hustling bustling courtroom. Our heroes made their way in, but as they did, the court proved to be an illusion, shimmering and blurring until only darkness remained. Dura began to light up the room as he spoke about his true intentions. He revealed the dead bodies of Vex and the slaves, as he spoke about being given this task to pacify the Kovgam (metallic) dragonborn, and he doesn’t tolerate the failure of his subordinates. He was hoping Jorvyn and Levinia would be there as well, but has plans to have them taken care of in other ways. Barty and Torsten began working out a course of action as Dura stood up to his full intimidating size.

To be continued…

Session 60 - Ixen Ogre Ultroloth Nest
"I Fear He May Be On Our Side."

We joined our heroes as they carried Josark to a temple of Bahamut for healing. After becoming healthy again, he paid our heroes in Dar and went on his way.

The heroes decided to seek out some other operations to make some money. They sought out Uvelucal, where Barty and Torsten received visions of one of the mountains, the mineshaft below, two figures with back tattoos of dragon’s wings, and a cobalt-colored dragonborn Duulo. Heading into the mine a bit recklessly, Torsten delved while the other heroes took safety to heart. They joined him near the bottom of the mine getting a tour from another dragonborn mine-captain. He warned them about not straying too far, and went to get Torsten a helmet.

Meanwhile, Torsten began to go deeper, and the heroes encountered the fabled Earthen!
The heroes fought and defeated the Earthen, eventually pressing further down the caves encountering traps.

Through Jorvyn’s crafty lock-picking, they made it through a large metal door ahead of them. Barty said “So long” and cast Greater Invisibility on Jorvyn. Jorvyn was able to slip in and take our the 2 Duulo guarding the room.

Once inside, the heroes found a large steel egg upon a pedestal, with a spinning spoked wooden wheel below, unsure of how it was turning. A dragonborn Duulo came out from a hatch in the floor, and Torsten got him to touch the egg. Previously when the heroes touched the egg they received visions of objects, things, places. Somehow touching the egg seemed to pacify the Duulo, as he now wanted to help the heroes. The party figured out that the egg was trying to talk to them. They was some Q&A, and the heroes wish-washed between freeing the slaves they found below, since once freed, the island began to shake violently! The egg told them to however, and eventually the island stopped shaking.
They found their friends Vanion and Vadellic unconscious, absolutely exhausted in cages.

They freed their friends and made their way out of the mine, leaving the egg for now.

However, once outside, they encountered mass hysteria as the barrier around the islands was dissipating. The party saw Vex send some Duulo thugs their way, and one of them seemed to be the cobalt dragonborn they were looking for. They drew longswords and prepared to scuffle. To be continued…

Session 59 - A Crash Course in the Dragon Isles
"Actually Bartering for Barty's Butter"

We joined our heroes as they began their exploration of Gul, an island of the Dragon Isles. They headed into the nearby Squirrely Oak Pub for some information and a drink.

Meeting the bartender at the counter, our heroes learned a lot about the isles and their history, inaccurate as it might possibly be. The Bartender took a look through Barty’s Dragons: A History, and found things that didn’t match what Dura had told the Metallic Dragonborn people.

The heroes set their minds on setting up an appointment with this “Dura”, known as the Elder Dragon of the Dragon Isles. In the meantime, they set their eyes on gathering some of the local currency, named Dar, by completing some adventuring work.

Upon arriving down at the Gul docks, they met Dockmaster Josark who immediately enlisted their help in defeating some wild water elementals that were destroying fishing equipment and the docks themselves in some kind of rage. During the combat our heroes vanquished the elementals, though Josark had fallen unconscious.

To be continued…

Session 58 - Bartering for Barty's Butter
"Black Death Baby"

We joined our heroes just after they had defeated the pirate Black Death Bailey, and his crew. They set about looting and scouting the other ship, and Benjamin called upon Vanion’s help to preserve Black Death Bailey’s body so they could bring him back to shore to inform the populace of his death. Barty was able to extract the curse from Clash, and Clash headed off to rest after being dubbed the Captain of the Sword of the Four Seas. Torsten as acting “pirate” captain helped to sail that ship with one of the old crew (Gary), Vanion, Vadellic and Clash. The Hidden Harpoon crew consisted of Captain Benjamin, Levinia as the new first mate, an old crew member (Lars), Jorvyn and Barty.

They set sail for 3 days towards where Vadellic claimed the Dragon Isles has been lost. Once they were near, Barty used his crab and Torsten used some clever prestidigitation to get the ships to slow down together for the approach. Barty activated the Scroll of Antimagic Field, and an enormous sphere of antimagical energy sprouted forth from him as the center and expanded to a size well-encompassing both ships. As they sailed through the fog, it seemed to wrap around their bubble but never penetrate it. Barty’s crab disappeared, and Vadellic ran under the deck after what seemed to be some kind of fit, which he claimed to be sea-sickness.

Once completely through the fog, an enormous five islands were revealed to them. One flat, with so much pier built onto it it seemed twice the size as it once might have been. Another with the largest mountain they’ve ever seen jutting into the sky. Eight small wooden boots with elaborate carving and intricate folding windows set out for our heroes, intercepting their boats. A golden dragonborn greeted them, and after a bit of interrogation decided to have them brought to shore on Gul. He had a copper dragonborn named Vex send message to The Great Dragon, Dura, of the arrival of travelers from Malsvir Thaczil. Our heroes sailed their ships after the procession to the docks of Gul. There, each crew was separately “processed” and the Scimitar of Exhaustion, Dragon Dagger, and Flamebearer Gauntlets were kept for the time being, while our heroes received requisition tokens to hold onto to get those items back.

From there, they were let loose on the islands! Gul was a mountainous snow-covered island, where the temperatures had dropped significantly since their entrance to the isles. A hollowed out area of the mountain serves as a village here, hustling and bustling with mostly silver dragonborn at the markets or homes. Vadellic and Vanion quickly went missing, and Gary and Lars left to explore. Benjamin suggested a drink at the Squirrely Oak (seems Benjamin might know a bit of Draconic… or perhaps not). To be continued…

Session 57 - Black Death Bailey
Hidden Harpoon Indeed

Our heroes spent two more days traveling after the midnight party, and were awoken by loud noises and footsteps above on the deck.

Torsten slumbered away in the netting with the cargo, but Jorvyn awoke and ensured everyone else he could find had woken up. He and Barty snuck up to see what was happening, and one of the crew came tumbling down the stairs at them! Barty turned into a gaseous form and Jorvyn tried to intimidate him. The intimidation didn’t work as it turned out the crewman was already dead, and Jorvyn let him down onto the floor, finding a crossbow bolt in his back.

Heading above deck, Barty saw that the Hidden Harpoon was under attack by another vessel (Pirates)! Several of the pirates were aboard there ship, who they found out was captained by Black Death Bailey, one of the Pirates Three!! A battle ensued on the ships as Torsten awoke to some negative energy from Bailey’s sorceress ally, who was in the other ships’ crow’s nest. Torsten made it his goal to disrupt her from then on, even after she summoned a hell hound to aide in the fight. Black Death Bailey infected Clash with something using his tainted scimitar, which Levinia took off his body once he was impaled via harpoon (at her own hands). Torsten used a clever lightning lure as he jumped off the ship to grab the sorceress and plunge into the ocean. A crossbow bolt from Jorvyn impaled her to the other ship, and Torsten misty-stepped back onto the ship.

Many members of the crew lost their lives, as well as all the pirates. Captain Benjamin made it out only a little injured thanks to some heals from Vanion per Barty’s request.
Clash began to fall towards the deck clutching his chest…

To be continued…

Session 56 - Harold and Kumar Leave Wintercastle
"Enjoy some Bar Tea, Barty!"

We joined our heroes awakening in the Swindly Rogue, a nice enough pub/inn in Wintercastle Ward 14. Oddly enough it turned out the drunkard they had met before cleaned up rather well! There were some pillow fights, gold discovery, and mouse stealing before the heroes headed downstairs for some breakfast and tea. Benjamin promised to meet Levinia down at the docks whenever she was ready, and after some discussions with the Bartender, our heroes decided to make the long trek down almost one thousand stairs to where the docks were located beneath the cliffs. They even spent a moment to marvel at the pulley mechanism used to lift the injured and elderly up the cliff side to the main city.

The party checked our the four ships in the harbor and Levinia found the Hidden Harpoon right away! Torsten spent some time possibly confusing some guards of the largest ship in the dock, owned by L. Vishette, a noblewoman of some kind. Meeting Benjamin aboard the ship, our heroes quickly got themselves acquainted with the ship and crew alike.

While at sea, Levinia spent time learning as much as she could about being a sailor. She met Clash, a Tabaxi who spends most of his time up in the crow’s nest whittling wooden figurines. A few days into their journey, Benjamin enlists Levinia’s help in setting up for a little fiesta they have to ward off the evil and ill-tempered gods/goddesses of the sea. In the middle of the night, under the full moon, the heroes joined in the revelry.

Jorvyn made sure to stay sober to help watch over the safety of the crew and the ship as it sailed in the night. Heading up the crow’s nest, he met Clash. Drinking a bit himself, Clash took a liking to Jorvyn and asked him to invite his companions up to the nest. After doing so, he challenged them to a game he used to play back in his homeland (Myth). Losing only barely, he decides to confide in the heroes that he was planning on a mutiny. They took some time convincing him otherwise, and they all agree not to speak of it any further. Before they head back down the revelry, he regales them with a folk legend of the Tabaxi people about the stars and moon.

To be continued…

Session 55 - Extra Extra Read All About It!
"Meet Benjamin!"

We joined our heroes as they were face to face with a Golden dragon.
The party was astonished to find out that this Golden dragon is none other than Elizar the Sage. Lucky and Elizar exchanged much information with the party (too much to flesh out in this summary!), revealing that Lucky himself is a Silver dragon, and this is his lair. The party barters with Lucky, handing over some of their possessions in trade for a Scroll of Anti-magic Field. Levinia also fetches some trinkets to give the other adventurers for their trouble.

Elizar promised the heroes he would join them before they reached the Lost Dragon Isles, but he needed more time to heal so he was going to stay put. Lucky and Elizar put two of their adventuring friends to sleep, and the third was knocked out by an Invisible Levinia Choke-hold. Our heroes carried them back to the entrance where Lucky used his breath to create them a platform of ice, which he blew up and out to the entrance of the dungeon.

Once outside, they were aghast to see Lucky already sitting by a ring of campfires with Edison Stone, Vadellic, and some others enjoying meals. Immediately, a man by the name of Tyrion Breakwater, reporter for the Swallow’s Perch, asked for information from the party since they were the first and only to emerge from the dungeon. Surely this given information will have no consequences. He ran off to write up his paper, and Edison told them he runs the only local paper in his ward. Edison told the heroes that if they ever needed anything, just to ask. The other adventurers meanwhile got some medical attention.

Vadellic caught up with the heroes as well, excited to head out soon for the Lost Dragon Isles but unsure of what to do about a lack of a boat. A messenger found Levinia/Edison and gave her a letter ensuring the King had found a boat for them, The Hidden Harpoon, which was docked down at the Wintercastle Docks. Edison told them to head to the Swindly Rogue for a good night’s rest.

At the Swindly Rogue, our heroes conversed with the dwarven bartender, who once hearing they were friends of Edison, offered them a room for free. A cloaked man and a drunkard at the bar were in their own worlds it seemed. Heading up since everyone was exhausted, the party went to bed with Barty’s crab keeping watch. A good thing too, as in the middle of the night it seemed an intruder had entered their room. Barty was awoken by his crab, and cast a focused dancing lights spell right in the intruder’s face! This awoke the rest of the party, and they searched this dwarven man. Finding only flasks of various fullness (including one Torsten decided to keep for himself half-full of a blackberry alcohol), they were more at ease. It turns out this man had stumbled in thinking it was his own room at the inn. Barty gets the man’s autograph only to find out through conversation that this man, Benjamin the Fashionably Late, is the Captain of the Hidden Harpoon. He offers to talk with the heroes some more in the morning, and everyone heads back to bed for a nice long rest.

To be continued…

Session 54 - Dragons: A History
"We Call Them Bartyguards!"

We joined our heroes as they peered into the confines of a long dark room, in which three other adventurers seemed to be sneaking around. Jorvyn snuck up to the ranger elf and pulled a knife on him, intimidating him into freezing and having a little chat. While boasting about the greatness of Ward Leader Barty, the other adventurers seemed to accept our heroes presence down here and aided them in solving the dungeon room. The players met Kojin, Alexander and Eloqar. Torsten stabbed one of the six statues that lay in the walls around the room, and they all came to life!

With the aide of the other adventurers (and Barty’s animated friends!), our heroes bested the statues, and Levinia tricked one of them into striking the door with it’s dragon club, which caused it to open! Kojin had previously revealed that the door was engraved with “Only A Dragon May Enter”. As the statues crumbled to dust, our heroes scouted the next room, where they saw a tall elven man at the far end of the room waiting patiently. Making their way slowly inside, the door was closed behind them by the man, cutting them off from their new allies.

The man reintroduced himself as Lucky, adviser to Ward leader Edison Stone. He congratulated our heroes on making it this far, and told them that Elizar warned him they may come looking for him (Elizar). Lucky explained he wanted to test the party’s mettle, and he was impressed, and found them worthy of what he was about to show them. He told them he wanted to give them a history of dragons and explain the paintings in the room, which the party accepted.

“Long ago, at The Great Formation, Metallic dragons of bronze, copper, platinum, silver, and gold emerged from the planet itself and ruled over Mastoria. They were benevolent and good. The planet flourished. The metallic dragons gave the gift of arcane magic to the species that shared Mastoria with them. The Humans, Elves, Gnomes, Dwarves, and Halflings. The Good and Neutral deities looked over the world with happiness and blessed their followers. But the Evil deities, they could not stand the state of the world. The Gods are not one to come down onto the planet themselves on their own accord, so they let it be. Luckily for those evil deities however, things were about to go their way.

This knowledge of magic had gotten into the wrong hands. Bands of adventuring parties had begun gathering to hunt down these massive dragons, to take more of their power and the wealth that had been donated to them over the years. Some of the dragons even had worshipers, and this didn’t sit well with these adventurers. Four adventurers in particular made their way to the lair of a great silver dragon, Soulmaw the Glimmering. Approaching him in his sleep, they convinced him that they were great worshipers of his. However, they used powerful poison to subdue the dragon while they made away with his possessions. This poison, made from the foulest most evil creatures Mastoria had to offer, warped Soulmaw. His once glimmering silver sheen gave way to a sickly, darkened green hide. He transformed into the world’s first Chromatic dragon, taking the new name of Soulmaw the Mad. Soulmaw hunted down the adventurers that poisoned him, and captured them within his lair, torturing them for months. Slowly driving these adventurers mad, he imbued them with powerful dark magic. These adventurers had no choice but to watch as Soulmaw ritualistically transformed them into dragons, one by one. Soulmaw gave them new names. The Black dragon, Rendclaw the Terrifying. The White dragon, Frostbite the Unmoving. The Blue dragon, Dunestorm the Swift. And the Red dragon, Scaldwing the Bold.

Now under Soulmaw’s control, he began tearing through the realm slaying unsuspecting metallic dragons, destroying cities, and corrupting the very landscape. The metallic dragons organized and this period of time was then known as the Dragon Wars. They went on for ages. Just when it seemed the Metallic dragons were winning the war, a great blue dragon known as Skyfax the Piercer (descended from Dunestorm), pled with Gearfang the Maker, the Golden dragon King of the Metallic dragons, to meet for a treaty of peace, claiming enough dragons had perished already. Believing him, Gearfang went with a small group of metallic dragons, but they were ambushed by Skyfax and many other Chromatics. The Chromatic dragons slayed Gearfang, and as his body fell to Dystomos it carved what is now known as Gearfang Canyon. This is noted as the true turning point in the war, and soon after the remaining metallic dragons went into hiding. The Chromatic dragons were not satisfied with this victory, and spent many of their days hunting down the hiding metallics, thinning their numbers as well. To aid in their quest, the chromatic dragons used their dark magic to bring about the orcs, goblins, gnolls, and drow. The magic they imbued in the land itself gave forth to even more species. It is said that the dragons now used these underlings to hunt the metallics. Since then, many years have past without sightings of dragons. Every now and then you may hear a story of someone who saw one out of the corner of their eye, in a deep cave or in a murky swamp, but no one ever seems to believe them."

After Lucky regaled with what he referred to as the true history of dragons, he gestured to the door behind him and said “Heroes, I think it’s time you see this for yourself.” He opened the door, and within the chamber beyond… our heroes were met with the view of a large wounded but sleeping Golden Dragon.

To be continued…

Session 53 - Steamed Hams But It's Still The Dragon Dungeon
"I hope you're ready for an unforgettable dungeon!"

Our heroes continued in the monolith room, with Jorvyn discovering the monolith reacts to elements quite violently. He lit an arrow on fire and tested the sides of the monolith until one lit up and burst out a seemingly never-ending wall of flame. Immediately after the wall ignited, Levinia caught wind of another adventuring party (the ones who glared at them in Ward 16) catching up to them.

A glorious combat ensued which ended in our heroes slaying the other ill-willed party. Jorvyn looted the bodies, and Levinia took a moment to calm down after the battle. The heroes were able to utilize some spells to activate the other sides of the monolith, and Barty slyly used some Stone Shape to create a tunnel under a wall of cold to get past safely. Torsten took an acid bath. In the next room, the heroes discovered a pit at the far end, and three slow moving Bronze Dragon statues. Torsten ran forward and misty stepped across to the door and set up camp to short rest. The heroes figured out that the statues try to squash/bludgeon people to death, so Levinia was able (with Barty, Jorvyn and Vanion’s help) to push each statue down into the pit where they were destroyed. The heroes then with the use of rope, the Immovable Rod, and Torsten’s arm strength, were able to cross over to join their friend for a short rest. The Immovable Rod was left in place for later reclamation.

The heroes scouted ahead, finding the path leading downward and downward deeper into the underground. Eventually it led to a long hall of a room, where some of the heroes caught wind of three people sneaking around; a man clad in plate armor, someone wearing the same type of robes Barty saw on his adviser Thomax, and a ranger of some kind. Not only that, they saw a door at the other end of the room, and six slots along the walls in which it seemed little sculptures were resting, unmoving.

To be continued…

Session 52 - Enter the Dragon (Dungeon)
"Some Kind of Dragon Worshippers?"

We joined our heroes in the first room of the Dragon Dungeon. Observing a mural of two dragons fighting on the door, our heroes inspected the eleven etched portraits on the floor.
Finding two that matched the dragons on the door, Levinia and Barty stood upon them, opening the door to the next room. The door closed when they stepped off however, so they utilized some of the bodies for weight to keep the door open.

In the next room, an enormous copper bust of a dragon glared fiendishly at our heroes. Four black and copper sculptures of strange draconic lizard creatures surrounded the room, and as Levinia touched one, it sparked to life. A combat ensued as the copper bust slowed our heroes and quickened their foes! Many metal teeth pierced the party as they bludgeoned, pierced, slashed and forced the sculptures into pieces. Barty used a well placed shatter to destroy the bust, and the door onward opened up.

The next room met the heroes with the head of a dragon at the far end of a long hall, a few bodies strewn about as well as symmetrical stone barriers about five feet tall. With glowing eyes, the dragon head tried to exhaust our heroes, but they resisted! Jorvyn and Vanion took out the creature’s eyes, and the party (led by an eager Torsten) fled through to the next hallway.

The next room contained a strange monolith, 5′ × 5′ × 15′ tall. On each side were draconic etchings, but unfortunately no one spoke/understood draconic! Barty cleverly used paper and charcoal to etch one of the runes onto a piece of paper, and carried it around to check the draconic etchings that were underneath four portraits that surrounded the room, eventually finding a matching rune. Jorvyn discovered some Thieve’s Cant on the monolith that read: “Touch not the runes with the elements, if you value your eyebrows. At the least, distance is key.”

The heroes spent some time puzzling out what do while rotating the monolith as to line up the draconic runes.

To be continued!


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