Mysteries of Mastoria

Session 10 - Welcome to Astryer

"I Love It When A Plan Comes Together"

We joined our heroes as they looted the fallen bodies of the Obsidias Thorne gang. Levinia obtained a note to Obsidias from a mysterious L. R. telling that Levinia would be heading North of Crestguard. After some deliberation, Zoshia held onto the note. Picking up where they left off, the heroes resumed their almost full night of sleep, with Torvak now keeping watch (thanks to his sleeping through the battle).

Come morning, they began their trek Northward towards Astryer. Bartholomew cast a spell on Zoshia to reduce her weight by half, and she rode on Levinia’s back, getting more rest as she had been the first of the nights’ watch. Sly mentioned the apparent recent lack of earthquakes. After about five hours of traveling, the party emerged from forested areas and over a hill to get a clear view of the city in the distance.

Vanion had been here before, though he was very blacked out drunk. Levinia being from here immediately noticed the enormous crack through the ground, carving through the center of the city as buildings slowly crumbled inward. They rushed towards town to find guards scrambling about evacuating citizens. The party asked Levinia about locations in the city, while as they were walking by a house they heard trapped citizens inside. They decided to aid the guardsmen is rescuing a couple trapped in their nearly completely collapsed home. Barty shrank Zoshia to half her size, and she slipped inside to give spears to the couple, and they began moving some rocks out of the way. Barty enlarged Levinia, who held up the roof as the guardsmen and Sly moved the boulders on the other side. Eventually a pathway was cleared, and everyone made it out okay. Levinia allowed the house to collapse after it was safe. As the party discussed a place to feed these hungry people, some guards escorted them away. A very helpful and friendly guard informed them that he’d never heard of “The Glory Hole” but that “The Bronze Rabbit” was down the street as far as pub/inns go. He also inquired about Levinia, and if her last name was Gotthard. It was revealed that the guards believe the Gotthard family was caught embezzling government money, and were therefore under arrest, but during the raid/capture their daughter had escaped. He told them they could find wanted posters for her at the prison. The party also informed him of the murderous Obsidias Thorne and gang and he went to go make some new wanted posters.

The party split, with Zoshia and Torvak heading to the prison where apparently the Gotthard family was being held. The remaining party members went to the Bronze Rabbit, finding it filled to the brim with folks who most likely lost their homes and need a drink or a place to stay. Sly summoned a couch, Vanion bought some drinks, and they sat to discuss. Meanwhile at the prison, Zoshia and Torvak meet with the guard down at the sub-entrance who asks for their weapons before they can meet with prisoners. He also handed over some Levinia wanted posters complete with nice portrait. They now see that this portrait is of their Levinia after all. As Torvak introduced himself to the guard, he heard a familiar voice say “Torvak, no shit!” from down the hall. As they went down to where the Gotthards were being held, Torvak recognized Vestidio Garand, his rogue mentor, in a prison cell. He was a lanky, pale, gray-haired human with black raggy clothing. Torvak merely passed him by, getting a smug “heh” from Vestidio as he was “ignored”. They went to see the Gotthards, running into an older couple (the mother and father), and their son, a young man.

An in depth conversation was had where the young man revealed to Zoshia and Torvak that the Bravarti family was in fact the one they had caught embezzling money, though they didn’t know what they were doing with it. The Bravarti family somehow found out and preemptively informed the guards that it was the Gotthards. Levinia had escaped during their capture. Zoshia and Torvak also discovered that Levinia was never really a capable fighter according to her brother, and they’ve been in jail here for weeks. The young man was very worried that Levinia was back in town, he had hoped she could prove their innocence somehow. Zoshia left unhappy with this new information. On the way out, Torvak stopped to chat with Vestidio. Vestidio refused to reveal why he was there, telling a confusing tale that he both wanted to be there and planned to escape. Torvak asked him about his issue with losing hours at a time, and Vestidio did not have an answer for him. Zoshia offered the sleazy man some eyeglasses, which he gracefully accepted and put on. Torvak (who was being called Jorvyn this whole conversation by Vestidio, which Zoshia did not notice) knew that that would probably be enough for him to escape, so he left the prison after.

The prison group came back to the Bronze Rabbit and met up with the others. Torvak tried to get a private room to talk but they were all booked up thanks to the evacuation. They relocated to a nearby alley to discuss the new information they’d learned. Zoshia confronted Levinia, feeling offended with lies, and Levinia (filled with many emotions) revealed that she was in fact Caiaphus, reincarnated into a young woman’s body. Barty had heard tales of Caiaphus before, and Vanion knew a song of “Caiaphus and the Labyrinth”. He was a mighty man capable of mighty deeds, and he was known far and wide. Eventually in his old age, he asked the gods for another shot at fame and glory. They cursed his arrogance, sending him into Levinia’s body at the moment of the raid on the Gotthard home. Levinia slaughtered ten guards and made an escape.

So many problems laid before the party; The Gotthard’s innocence, Sly’s Great Uncle, Keeping Levinia from capture, Vestidio’s encroaching escape, and the crevice caused by the drill!
Barty formulated a plan with help from the rest of the party. They would disguise two of them as guards (Barty and Vanion) who would be arresting Levinia near the center of the town at the crevices’ deepest point. Zoshia would pick up Mezer, Levinia would take a hostage (Torvak), and they would all fall into the pit in a struggle (appearing to kill them all). This would hopefully cause the guards to believe Levinia is dead. Meanwhile however, Barty will cast feather fall in order for them to make it safely to the bottom.


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