Mysteries of Mastoria

Session 18 - Cave Narrows and Creature Cackling

"It points at you and...." *rolls 5 dice* "nothing happens."

Our heroes began by discussing their visions, and Vanion realized touching the crystals again would not provide a new vision. They head back out across the gelatinous cube pit, with Zoshia collecting her rope and pitons. They opted to explore into the room to the north, the room filled with large stone columns. With Barty leading, they got into a massive combat with cackling imp-like dust creatures. After a lot of sleeping and blindness, the party defeated the creatures, and investigated this room and the next.

It seemed the boulders and columns were deliberated carved, and the boulders were somewhat easy to shift around. The next room contained the bodies of three dead adventurers, possibly dead for several weeks. Torvak pulled off of them 27 copper pieces, and a potion of healing. They realized that the bodies had many slashing wounds, and the walls were covered with even larger slashes, larger than the dust creatures’ claws.

After investigating for keyholes and secret passageways, they continued on to the smaller tunnels they had seen previously. Zoshia and Torvak tied ropes to themselves and went down two of the paths. Crumbling rocks cut them off from their friends, and two Gricks came out to face them in combat, expecting easy meals. Levinia used her strength to move the boulders between her and Zoshia, while Barty shattered the rocks to get to Torvak. As the rest of the party began to squeeze through the help the others, our combat shall be continued….


alexander_daise alexander_daise

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