Mysteries of Mastoria

Session 27 - Ferra's Story and an Untrusting Zoshia

Everybody Has A Job Lined Up Apparently

We joined our heroes in the wake of a battle with Banderhobbs in Serenity Square. As the party learned of Ferra’s story, Zoshia decided to withhold her spear from her until she was sure she could be trusted and was telling the truth. The Crestguard Knights emerged from City Hall and inquired about what had happened. They decided this would be a good test case for their new crime scene investigators from the Blame Game Initiative. Particularly to find how one of the citizens was murdered (and subsequently burned). Levinia was asked by Francis Bucknaw of the Knights if she’d ever consider joining come the day they need a new member.

The party decided to head to the Dire Bear Retreat for some drinks and food. Elizar meanwhile headed back to the Library. Vanion paid for meals and lodging for Ferra and Shimmer, as well as the party. Thanks to a tip by Levinia the TMI Bard was arrested and Vanion was able to play, much to Roglak’s delight. Ferra and Zoshia discussed and caught up in the corner while the others had a round of drinks on the house for being the heroes of the day. Vanion discussed with Roglak the possibility of Dorificus becoming House Bard for the Dire Bear Retreat in the future. Vanion made some good tips and when everyone retired for the night, went to seek out Valerie at her home in the River District.

She appeared to not be home, and with the help of a bridge guard known as Carrl, investigated her home. Suspiciously, it didn’t seem like she had been active in her home recently. Carrl broke open the basement door with too much force and was injured, but Vanion helped him back on his feet. They investigated some empty crates in the basement to no avail. They decided never to speak of this again but Vanion told him to visit him at the Dire Bear Retreat the next night if he wanted to hear some more of his music.

In the middle of the night Barty had a strange vision of meeting with Sly on the second floor of City Hall. Barty instructed Sly to hold onto a special book for awhile. Sly told him “anything for you”. The vision promptly ended. Also of note, Levinia suffered from some dreadful visions, and she woke up feeling a bit less healthy.
Vanion headed to City Hall to see if Valerie had been working late. To his dismay, it was vacant. Calling out using an Ellion Starros impression, he awoke Sly who came downstairs confused. After some bargaining he convinced Sly to accompany him to the Pompous Potter across the way to help him look for her.
To be continued…


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