Mysteries of Mastoria

Session 28 - Enter Torsten

"Sometimes Barrowbeach Comes To You"

We joined Vanion as he wrapped up a night of unsuccessfully finding Valerie. Our other heroes awoke in the Dire Bear Retreat to different circumstances. Barty had another strange vision during his sleep that had his brain wrestling itself during breakfast. Levinia felt strangely sick after her dreaded night terrors. While having breakfast, Vanion arrived and joined them. And then, another strange man. Calling himself Torsten, he introduced his story to the party and how he was following them to kill them for stealing his vengeance. On the way, he ended up deciding he should thank the heroes.

After much discussion, it seemed this Torsten would accompany the group on a trial-by-fire to prove himself as trustworthy. Torsten seemed to take a liking to Levinia, and showed a distaste for books, quite the opposite of our dear Barty. The party decided what better trial than tracking down Valerie, so they headed out to City Hall before the Library as it was so close in proximity. Vanion was surprised to find Valerie sitting at her desk, and she told him she had personal business she attended to the previous night. The party also visited Ellion who was in his office working on paperwork. The heroes inquired about the crime-scenes outside, and Levinia gave some good advice for improvement of the Blame Game Initiative.

Before heading out, Valerie warned the party that a strange man in a long coat and weird hat had come into town looking for their group specifically. They head out to visit Jax Jameson in the Market District, where Vanion negotiates to have a new basement door made for Valerie’s home, asking for the bill to be sent to Roglak at the Dire Bear Retreat to give to Vanion. Jax informed him that his wife has decided to stay gone, however he is hopeful about finding love once more with his normal voice. Torvak, who was sitting outside the shop with Levinia and Torsten, noticed the strange hatted man talking to some goblins down the road. He went to investigate dressed as Urxis, and was caught by the man snooping. He left and came back as Torvak now that he recognized him as the Sheriff of Barrowbeach, Charlie Fisher. Charlie interrogated him about the missing dock logs, asking if he’d read them. Torvak was curious now, and Charlie asked him to lead him to Zoshia, as Torvak claimed Zoshia had the logs.

Torvak slipped a secret note to Vanion as he, Charlie and his entourage walked past Jax’s shop. Torvak did not find Zoshia or her mother in the Dire Bear Retreat, and his plan to leave out the window was foiled by some of Charlie’s lackeys waiting in the alley behind the inn. He left the window open and came down explaining that Zoshia had escaped when she heard him coming. Charlie asked further about where she would go, and Torvak mentioned the Marshwood Forest to the east of town. A struggle ensued as Torvak refused to lead them to the forest. One of Charlie’s lackeys grappled Torvak, just as his allies arrived. Barty readied a stick of butter, and Vanion cast Tasha’s Hideous Laughter on Charlie, causing him to erupt in uproarious laughter! To be continued…


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