Mysteries of Mastoria

Session 3 - Read A Book

But maybe leave the containers alone...

Rodrigo quickly joined up with the heroes as they eventually decided to find out what happened to the Professor. The party joined Levinia in The Trophy Room, investigating the Professor’s various awards. Barty and Torvak checked out the book stand at the end of the trophy hall. 3 published books by Raster were found there, with an open display slot for his newest work in progress.

To the left Zoshia found a door with a plaque above it, reading “The Pathway to Knowledge”. Creaking open the door, Vanion and Zoshia peered inside. A crackling fireplace and barred (not bard) windows were found in this long hallway. Vanion had some fun with prestidigitation, extinguishing and reigniting the fireplace, hearing clacking in the distance. Barty summoned some dancing lights to move down the hallway for vision, and Zoshia added some Thaumaturgy for good measure to brighten them. A tall clockwork automaton taskmaster and four clockwork automatons were illuminated, and combat began! With little damage, the party successfully vanquished the automatons. Zoshia and Levinia inspected the Taskmaster’s mechanical staff, and Zoshia decided to hold onto it for later.

Exploring further down the hall, the party finds themselves in a massive library. Vanion stays behind fiddling with the fireplace to see if he could find any hidden switches or levers. Barty finds a book about magic, while Zoshia investigates a large pile of books, and then a chest in the corner of the room. Zoshia picked up three daggers on the ground, and then went to open the chest, when it revealed itself as a mimic, and did some massive damage to Zoshia. Hearing Mezer’s cries, the party began to rush to Zoshia’s aid. Barty grabbed three more random books and came as quick as he could to cast a firebolt at the monster. Levinia threw a handaxe at it, then lept over Zoshia to both defend her and deliver a mighty blow, though the blow had missed. Vanion eventually went to investigate Levinia’s yell for Vanion to come heal Zoshia. Barty accidentally lit a bookshelf on fire with a stray firebolt, but Vanion arrived just in time to put out the fire. The mimic ended up dealing the final blow on itself, biting itself so hard it perished, and the party decided to take a short rest in the library, knowing it was decently safe now. Barty searched for interesting books and found one more he decided to put in his pack, “Baxter’s Book of Bedazzling Bewitchments”.

The heroes continued their journey back out of The Library, through The Pathway of Knowledge, through the Trophy Room, and into The Bathroom. It was a beautifully ornate bathroom, with both a gold-trimmer sink and chamberpot. A large mirror hung above the sink. After Barty and Torvak marveled at the chamberpot, some of the party continued into the Dining Room.

Zoshia noticed table sittings fitting a nobleman adorning a large wooden table. One of the place-sets was missing, and a fine layer of dust laid on top of everything, indicating no one had eaten a meal in this room for quite some time. Zoshia investigated the small box in the corner, and found it to be a trashcan containing the broken place-setting. The enormous chandelier above the table was found to have a glass sphere with lightning in it. Zoshia climbed up on the table to get a better look, and found it to be a miniature lightning elemental. She conversed with it, finding out that Professor Raster had caught the lightning elemental and contained it in the sphere. The lightning elemental lied and told Zoshia that if she let it free, it would be her friend and not hurt her. The party attempted to dissuade her, but in the end she raised her shortsword and smashed open the sphere.

Combat began with the miniature lightning elemental. Torvak even joined in the fray, and many blows were traded. Zoshia realized the beast was immune to thunder, lightning, and poison damage, and had no particular weaknesses beside magical weapons. Barty took the Bomb Boy he had collected from the Pompous Potter, and threw it at the elemental hitting it for some fire damage. Levinia epically slayed the lightning elemental, and it dissipated leaving nothing behind. Barty and a few others ventured into The Kitchen, and Barty took some internal damage after getting a strong whiff of rotting meat in a cabinet. Zoshia found a rolling pin in one of the kitchen drawers and pocketed it for later.


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