Mysteries of Mastoria

Session 39 - A Challenging Battle!

"Bandit Trainees Quiver Before Levinia!"

We joined our heroes with an unconscious Knight, and two bandit trainees who had submitted to the party. The Knight was tied up, and it was decided that Torsten would guard him, while Levinia intimidated the trainees into giving up details about where Dequilar was kept, how many more bandits there were, etc.
The rest of the party followed Levinia who had the trainees at sword-point as they led the way down a long staircase into the lower level of the Amari Bandit Clan hideout.

They pointed out a patrolling scoundrel up ahead, and he was promptly taken out by one of Jorvyn’s crossbow bolts to the back. Jorvyn lockpicked all of the doors in this hall, and they went through checking out the various bed-chambers they found. Their loot included a necklace, a golden ring inscribed with “To My Beloved Donnell”, a belt, and a helm. Barty even found three books to add to his collection.

After their searching, the bandit trainees led the party to two large stone doors they claimed led to the throne room. Jorvyn carefully opened one of the doors, and fired a crossbow bolt in an assassination attempt at the Bandit Captain on his throne. It was a hit, and combat began. The heroes were in a race against time as a dwarven man in a cage was slowly lowered onto a fire pit. Six bandits, four berserkers, a bard and the Bandit Captain engaged the party in difficult combat. As the forces dwindle down, the Bandit Captain has stopped the dwarf’s descent at 10 feet. What will happen next?

To be continued…


alexander_daise alexander_daise

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