Mysteries of Mastoria

Session 5 - Meet the Mayor

Crestguard Adventures in Romance and Intimidation

We joined our heroes as they approached City Hall. Torvak snuck off into an alleyway, mysteriously. Upon Vanion knocking on the door, a voice told them to enter. They found a large ornate room with many paintings lining the walls and beautiful carpeting. At the far end of the room was a large desk, at which a human woman sat. Upon presenting her with the job they completed, she gestures them to the door behind her to the left. The party enters the room, eager to meet the Mayor. A room twice as long as the foyer opened before them. At the very end behind an enormous desk sat a Dwarven man poring over some paperwork.

Mayor Ellion Starros introduced himself to the heroes, and thanked them deeply for their service to the city, stressing Professor Rasters’ importance to the Crestguard University. Zoshia, having spent far more time in this city than anyone else, recalled his terribly-named policies and made some jabs at him. He handed the players a sack of 1000 gold as promised, and a Certificate of Experience denoting that they were legally free to take any job they wished on the job board, though he warned of their dangers. They briefly discussed the werewolf issue, and he went back to work. On their way out, Vanion discovered that Valerie, the desk clerk, has a crush on him. Vanion decided to stay behind as his companions, Levinia, Zoshia, and Barty went out to do some shopping and research.

The players decided to first go to the Magic Shop, known as Marbo’s Magic Emporium. Upon arrival, Barty bartered with the shopkeep, Marbo the “Magnificent” for some magic ink, and purchased one bottle, as that was all they had stocked. Zoshia thought Barty might have gotten a bad deal, and began interrogating the shopkeep. Eventually she found out he’s not the real Marbo, and that Marbo works nights. Zoshia was a bit upset about the man lying to them, and the man helped Barty identify his green potion as a basic poison, that could be used as a poisonous drink or to coat a blade, etc. They promptly left and headed towards the Apothecary.

Upon arriving, they noticed the Apothecary, unlike the uniform buildings surrounding it, was a large hut with smoke billowing out the top.
They entered, finding a warlock woman throwing a leather shoe into a cauldron, looking concerned at the mixture. The party introduced themselves, and found out she was working on some kind of new jumping potion, as her apothecary hasn’t produced anything new recently and business has been dull. Zoshia struck a deal with her, that their party would bring her goblin hands and feet in exchange for some of her potions. She pulled the shoe out of her cauldron, defeated only temporarily as she began muddling again.

The party went next to Arken’s Smithy, the blacksmith and armory. Zoshia was reunited with an old Tiefling friend of hers, Torque, who works as Arken’s apprentice. As they caught up, she purchased five Silver tipped Arrows, and 20 regular arrows to restock her quiver. Livinnia had a chat with Arken, and decided to trade in one of her longswords and some coin towards having a silver-coated blade made. Arken ensured her the blade would be ready come morning, and the party, a bit exhausted from so much running around, head back to the Dire Bear Retreat.

Meanwhile, Vanion had been flirting up a storm with Valerie, promising to pick her up after work for a nice evening. He headed out to the King’s Tannery and Tailor, to see if he could have a magnificent shirt created much like the Mayor’s (Ellion recommended this shop to Vanion). Working out a deal with the halfling tailor, he was to have a rather extravagant shirt made. He ensured Vanion it would be ready for pickup in the morning. Vanion inquired to see if his party had been to the Tailor, but they had not, so Vanion told the Tailor to keep an eye out for them, and if found, to send them to the Dire Bear Retreat where he planned on performing.

Vanion headed to the Inn and was reunited with his new companions. Vanion and Zoshia played an interesting duet for the patrons, and Vanion decided to pay for everyones’ rooms and meals for the night, heading out to see Valerie after Zoshia and Barty when to rest. Levinia stayed at the bar enjoying some fine ale.

Vanion met with Valerie outside City Hall, and escorted her to her home in the River District. They had a romantic evening with some wine Vanion bought from the Dire Bear Retreat, and began having some relations when Valerie thought she heard something outside. Vanion to ease her nerves investigated, opening up her bedside window while throwing on a robe. Looking out, he found a shadowy furry creature in the alley walking slowly towards a woman who was screaming in terror.
He went to the kitchen and grabbed a silver knife, told Valerie not to worry, and went out to the alley. He ran along the street parallel to ensure he’d get in between the werewolf and the woman. The woman had seemed to make it away, and Vanion confronted the beast, scaring it away with his silver and loud/bright sparks.

He called for guards, and eventually two guards showed up to help her corner the beast at the end of the alley. Vanion did his best to keep the guards alive and fighting, and they were able to fell the beast. He watched as the fur fell off of the beaten man, and he awoke thanks to his use of healing word to bring the man to consciousness. The man was incredibly confused and seemed to have no idea what was going on . The guards had already put him in cuffs and rope at this point, and carried the man to the dungeons. Vanion returned to his romantic night, feeling quite the hero.


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