Mysteries of Mastoria

Session 8 - Enter the Hooded Figure

"Hey it's me, your Graxx!"

As Graxx fell to the ground, the party turned their attention to the goblin they had knocked unconscious. While waking him up, the party looted Graxx’s workshop for some explosives and whatever else they could find. Zoshia retrieved "Lemmy"s feet from the edge, as Vanion and others, peered over the ledge, attempting to see the depths of the canyon below. Thanks to darkvision and a fireball, the party made out the figures of some dead goblins.

Bringing the previously unconscious goblin back to lucidity, the heroes questioned him about what Graxx was doing with the gold. This goblin told the party of Graxx’s storage room where he would place the collected treasure, telling the heroes that there’s no way this room could contain all the wealth they’ve stolen/harvested. The party made this goblin lead the way in case of traps, and Gragg stayed behind in Graxx’s workshop. The goblin made his way safely into the storage room, which was of decent size. Vanion checked for traps himself, not trusting that the goblin didn’t step over some, finding none. In the corner of the room was one enormous golden dragon scale, and ten iron ingots.

As Zoshia eyes up the scale and begins lifting it, Barty noticed a magical disturbance in the other far corner. Some sort of door appears, and through it quickly steps a hooded figure with average build. As soon as it came the door closed, vanishing. The figure asked where Graxx was, and Barty excused himself from the room to disguise himself as Graxx. Coming back in the room, he announced himself and walked over to the figure. The heroes found out that this figure appears in this room to collect the goods Graxx has collected every so often, and they appear to be working together. The figure asks about the goblin in restraints, and Barty/Graxx tells him that he was leading a revolt against Graxx. The party killed the goblin. Barty tried to cunningly get the plan from the figure, and the figure told Graxx what he had “told him before” that he needs the gold to build a drill to drill deep into Mastoria’s crust to find a treasure trove he would share with Graxx. Meanwhile, Vanion has placed a Zone of Truth around this figure.

The figure attempts to get the golden scale back from Zoshia. Graxx (Barty) tells the figure that these adventurers have joined his crew, but Zoshia is trouble. Barty/Graxx gets Zoshia to drop what she’s holding, including the scale and her bow and arrow. She picks her bow and arrow back up and Barty/Graxx takes the scale. Barty turns the scale into Bronze for one hour, and tells the figure that it looks like this particular scale might not be worth much. The figure informs him that he will sell it anyway. Zoshia throws a javelin at the figure but due to Barty/Graxx’s proximity, hits him in the shoulder instead. Seeing this, the figure looks into Zoshia’s eyes and charms and stuns her. Taking the iron bars and golden scale, he turns to leave, opening a new doorway and ordering Barty/Graxx to have these new adventurers thrown out of the dragon’s mouth. He steps through the doorway, and the door closes and disappears.

Zoshia comes back to her senses, and was enraged/upset that this figure made off with the golden scale. Barty removed his disguise, and the heroes went back out to the dragon’s skull to find Gragg missing. Heading back up the massive staircase, they heard commotion coming from the makeshift smithy. Gragg was arguing with two goblins about being the new ruler of Gearfang Canyon. The party convinced these goblins that Gragg had slain Graxx and was the rightful ruler. They ran off in different directions to tell the others. The party discovered excavation rooms dug out around Gearfang’s wings, which Barty identified thanks to looking up this canyon’s backstory in his Dragons : A History book. They found three rats leashed in a corner, and they slayed them. The other wing was surrounded by four goblins and some kind of goblin chieftain/taskmaster, arguing with one of the goblins from the smithy. The party convinced them that Gragg was the new ruler, but his silver frying pan had since returned to a regular one. The goblins grabbed one of the golden scales and ran it to the smithy to melt it down and make Gragg a new golden frying pan. The party looted some golden scales, said farewell to Gragg, and headed out to return to Crestguard.

The party arrived back in Crestguard in the early evening. Vanion went to pick up his golden-embroidered vest, some flowers and wine. While picking up flowers, he learned of Jax Jameson’s vocal curse he got from a forest outside town, where he picked these rare purple roses. The party went about selling goods at Arken’s Smithy, where Zoshia reunited with Torque, Alista Lockhaven’s apothecary to drop off goblin feet, and Marbo’s Majestic Emporium, where Marbo himself was present. The party met back up outside the doors to city hall, where our heroes eagerly await their reward…


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