Mysteries of Mastoria

Session 26 - Sunset Scuffle in Serenity Square

The Mysterious Woman, and Research Into True Names!

We joined our heroes with Barty and Elizar perusing the Crestguard University Library’s restricted section. Looking for books that might help them find Mask’s true name, Barty discovered a book on the old cult that once brought Mask to this plane, “The Lariat”. Elizar found some additional scripts that speak of a divining spell he may be able to use to find where the name is in the Book of Keeping. However, before they were able to do so, Zoshia and Vanion show up. Vanion had previously purchased a wand of healing, and met Zoshia who was also on her way to the library to find Barty so she could use his magics to find the woman she sought.

Meanwhile Levinia decided to head to the Dire Bear Retreat for some ale/rest, where a bard was setting up to regale the inn with his life story. Torvak went to the Pompous Potter for some drinks himself. The Locate Creature spell used by Barty led the party towards the center of town. Torvak heard shouting coming from outside the pub, and found a woman in a cloak with a spear and cat-like creature being confronted by those two enormous ugly toad-humanoids. Elizar identified these as Banderhobbs, and a fight broke out causing chaos in the square. Citizens ran for their lives, and unfortunately one was killed by a Banderhobb. Some guards showed up eventually, and the party thought it was odd that the elite Crestguard Knights did not arrive to aide them, despite their proximity to city hall. A third Banderhobb arrived, and though the heroes were swallowed, tongued, grappled and bitten, they came out victorious, and defeated the creatures. The woman was unconscious but the party stablized her. As she recovered, she revealed herself before Zoshia to call herself Ferra Levlaia, Zoshia’s birth mother.


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