Mysteries of Mastoria

Session 30 - Helmed Horrors and Hags

Never Underestimate The Power of Gravity

We joined our heroes as they locked themselves in ferocious combat with two Helmed Horror guardians. This battle proved difficult due to their resistances to magics, but through some ingenuity, the party was able to send the armored horrors to the depths below.

Approaching the hollowed out skull, our heroes were surprised to find Madame Zolis, who claimed to be the Senior Librarian of the Crestguard University Library. Elizar was taken aback as she seemingly charmed young Torsten into following her commands. Acting quickly, the heroes put her and Torsten in a state of paralysis, and combat began. Spiders emerged from the cabinets within, and a portcullis slammed shut separating the wizards from the rest of the party!

What will happen next!


alexander_daise alexander_daise

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