Mysteries of Mastoria

Session 31 - Uncertain Combat

The Death of a Warrior

We joined our heroes locked in epic combat with a hag and her spider minions, with Torsten still under the geas of Madame Zolis. With Barty and Vanion locked outside the portcullis. A webbed Levinia was picked up by the charmed Torsten, who tried to get him out only to find the portcullis closed, and he was quite confused. Levinia kicked him and forced him into dropping her back onto the ground. Hag Zolis broke free of her paralysis, banishing Torvak to a prison demi-plane. She gave Torsten a new command… throw Barty and Vanion off the cliff into the abyss below, just like her helmed horrors.

Torsten stepped outside to try to hoist Barty into the ravine. Barty shrunk him, but his small size did not stop him from picking him up and misty stepping. However, this led to only Torsten beginning to fall to his doom in the ravine. Luckily he had feather fall and was able to anchor himself to the wall with his shield, slowly making his way back up and the spiders were giving our intrepid heroes quite the battle. Levinia got free of the web and slashed two of them to pieces!

Vanion himself also visited the prison demi-plane but escaped early. Barty and Elizar used slow, fireballs and bolts, and enlargement to aid the party in their combat. Elizar eventually became quite weak and turned invisible to avoid the enemies, disappearing from the party’s sight. Four of the six spiders were vanquished, with one exiting the gate the attack both Barty and Vanion. The other turned toward Levinia who had been caught in webbing. With many bites and slashes, Levinia succumbed to the spiders attacks. Despite Vanion’s attempts at healing her, it seemed she had met her doom.

With Torsten once again grappling Barty to toss him off the cliff, the hag had tried to bargain with Torvak for his friends’ lives. Torvak offered her a game of chance, with his deck of cards. If he won, she would have to forfeit her soul bag and stop stealing souls forever. If she wins, Torvak would have to forfeit his soul.

What will happen next time? Things aren’t looking up for our heroes!!


alexander_daise alexander_daise

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