Mysteries of Mastoria

Session 33 - Divination and Levinia's Struggle

"Sewer Whispers, Hellish Visions"

We joined our young and old heroes alike as they were scattered across the city of Crestguard. Torsten awoke to find a strange pair of eyes watching him from a sewer grate. Pursuing the watcher, Torsten caught Whispers “the Whore” as he is so lovingly named, a famous eavesdropper around town who spends all of his time in the sewers. Torsten recognized the value in having him as a friend and convinced him to come top-side to the Dire Bear Retreat for a drink, where Barty and Torvak were discussing what to do for the day.

Meanwhile Vanion awoke, did some early morning business, and returned to find Valerie awake. After having a talk, he walked her to work at City Hall, on his way intercepting a message that Levinia had awoken at the Temple of Lathander.

Levinia awoke even more confused in her room at the temple, conversing with a young cleric there, who tried his best to comfort her wandering brain. Levinia had much to question about lost time, her family, and endless other thoughts that plagued her mind. The cleric sent word for her friends to come by, though Levinia had no idea who these friends were.

Barty, Torvak, and Torsten headed for City Hall to try to find Vanion, finding him there with Valerie at the front desk. Vanion told them that Levinia had awoken, and Torvak went to the Library, and the rest of the group to the Dire Bear Retreat, to see where Elizar had gone. Finding him with a hangover upstairs in the pub, they quickly gave him the hangover cure drink from Roglak, grabbed Torvak from the Library, and headed in the direction of the Temple of Lathander.

Once there, they met with puzzled Levinia, and made many attempts to inform her of what had happened, and about her family. The story of her faked death, her families’ imprisonment, the Bravarti family, the ravine in Astryer, the adventuring weeks, the slaves she had brought to the temple, and so on. The heroes decided it best to give her some space, and they sought out a place to perform their ritual to find Mask’s true name.

It was at this time that Torvak revealed his identity as Jorvyn, tired of his name being confused with Torsten’s. They debated for quite some time, but the heroes eventually decided to try and find an open field east of town, away from wandering eyes. Elizar drew out the magical markings on the ground, and protected the area with Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum, so there would be no interruptions. Vanion and Barty weren’t 100 percent sure about trusting Elizar’s ritual, but Barty studied the markings and determined this was in fact divination magic, and not conjuration. Vanion, still unsure, erased part of the magic lines. The ichor, soul bag, and Book of Keeping were placed in the center, as Elizar, Barty, and Vanion stood in circles nearby. The ritual began but failed as part of the circle was incomplete. Vanion fixed it and they resumed.

Those standing outside the sanctum (Torsten, Jorvyn), saw white light pierce high into the sky! Inside, the casters vision was whited out from magical energy, and they received visions of Gehenna, seeing creatures just like Mask, and the supposed General of Gehenna and his armies. Once they had come to, Elizar dispelled the sanctum, and the ichor and soul bag were now gone. The Book of Keeping however was open! Vanion grabbed it, and it was decided that Mask’s true name must be somewhere on the two pages opened. Elizar warned the party that speaking a fiend’s true name summons it to you, but knowing a fiend’s true name gives you absolute power over it, so that’s why they are guarded so carefully.

The heroes debated about the best course of action…


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